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August 12, 2017 18:08

Variety of plastic pipes for gas

Why plastic pipes?

There are several types of plastic pipes for use in the installation of gas communications:

  • remain quite popular, polyvinylchloride (PVC);
  • Polyethylene pipes are somewhat inferior due to the fact that they can only function in an isolated manner and certain temperature conditions;
  • much more functional gas metal-pipe;
  • popular as is polypropylene.The chemical composition and the resistance to an aggressive environment, does not require isolation.Low thermal conductivity prevents condensation, and therefore does not damage the transported material.

Variety of plastic pipes for gas

distinctive feature of pipes for gas is deposited on the surface of the yellow stripe that does not confuse it with the other.

For a long time it was the plastic tube has a leading position among components for different systems.Is no exception and gas communication, which is fully able to assess the merits of these tubes:

  • longer operation than the metal;
  • tokoneprovodimost and proximity to the ground;
  • light weight, which is very convenient for transportation and installation;
  • reasonable price, as a result of cost-effective communication;
  • easy to install.

Variety of plastic pipes for gas

Particular attention should be paid to low pressure polyethylene gas pipelines, which allows the transportation of the most remote point.Underground pipelines for combustible gases is also made of these tubes.

sequence replacing pipes in

apartment Independently carry out work with gas communication is strictly prohibited, because they are classified as high-risk.Getting professional help gas service greatly save not only time, but also will ensure your safety.

Variety of plastic pipes for gas

Experienced gasman primarily produce preliminary inspection of the gas system and determine the degree of wear.

Replacing gas pipes in the apartment is carried out in strict compliance with safety regulations.

First of all, you need to ensure the availability of additional ventilation in the room, shut off the gas and be sure to purge the pipes.Utmost care is paid to the proximity of an open fire, which is unacceptable and requires intervention.

After all the preparations, you can start dismantling the necessary section of the pipeline.Special tools are not required for this, rather the presence in the house of an ordinary metal hacksaw or grinder.

Box in the gas pipe is made using special fittings or overhead heating elements.Installation needs to be done so that the design has turned completely sealed and do not release gas into the building.

Finishing work

final stage of dismantling and installation of the gas pipeline section will check all the necessary components and properly connected appliances.After that should be removed from the pipes by blowing extra air is checked and tightness of threaded joints.

Variety of plastic pipes for gas

After all the manipulations carried out in gas start with strict control and supervision over it in a few hours.