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August 12, 2017 18:08

What is the slope of the sewer pipe

Installation of sewer pipes in compliance with the inclination angle

In regulatory documents, such as GOST, SNIP, pipe slope is given in millimeters.At first glance, this is weird, because everyone at school knows that the angle is measured in degrees.But for plumbers bias is measured in units of length, because they will not lay a pipeline from the protractor in his hands, and is important to them the difference in height between the inlet pipe and the point of effluent discharge.drop height is calculated from the calculation interval meter, so the larger the interval, the greater the inclination of the pipe.

What is the slope of the sewer pipe

In addition, the slope value is also dependent on the diameter of the pipe.Considering both parameters, the minimum pitch looks like:

  • for length of 1 m and a pipe with a cross section of 50 mm, lying in horizontal lines, the slope is equal to 30 mm;
  • to 1 m and a length of pipe with a cross section of 110 mm which is used for arrangement of horizontal lines in bathrooms, the tilt angle is equal to 20 mm.
  • to 1 m and a length of pipe with a cross section of 160 mm which is used for arranging the trunk tilt angle is equal to 8 mm.

It would seem that what can influence these few millimeters.The difference is not too noticeable in the meter interval, but the pipeline for several tens of meters, the slope will be palpable.

Once we found out why there is a bias, and that the magnitude of impact, should consider the procedure for non-pressure piping devices with the use of the slope.

Mounting sewer

Phasing works on the installation of the pipeline will be as follows:

  1. first thing on each floor of the house are laid horizontal lines.
  2. then going fanovy riser combining horizontal branching into a single system.
  3. Finally settling outside line and connects to the sewer standpipe.

What is the slope of the sewer pipe

Personal installation - do not forget about the angles in the horizontal cabling.

Expose the angle of horizontal lines

Mounting the horizontal line at an angle as follows:

What is the slope of the sewer pipe

  1. picks up the pipe of a certain length and the optimum diameter.Usually, for sewage systems in horizontal cabling take pipe diameter of 50 mm.We look at regulations - for a given pipe slope should be three centimeters at the meter interval.Pipe length is measured is already in place sanitary works.
  2. Knowing the necessary regulatory angle, height difference is calculated at the beginning of sewage, iea siphon, and near the point of discharge tee riser from the known length of the pipeline.For example, for a tube length of 3 meters height difference will be 3m x 3 cm / m = 9 cm.
  3. After calculations projecting the data on the place where you want to place the sewer system.However, you first need to determine the height of the pipe tee to the floor.swings slope and elevation of the host pipe is then folded, measure the resulting floor length and mark a point under the sink trap.This will be the start point of the horizontal pipe.
  4. At the end will be to find the right section of the pipe with a diameter of 50 mm, insert one end into the riser pipe and the second to raise the height of the marked under the siphon.

What is the slope of the sewer pipe

guided by established standards, you can never go wrong in such an important matter as the installation of a sewer system.