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August 12, 2017 18:08

Septic YUNILOS from SMB: drainage at all times

Autonomous septic YUNILOS: best choice

Call autonomous sewer system YUNILOS simple dacha septic tank is not entirely correct.This compact station of biological treatment of domestic waste water the most effective aerobic way.The performance of such equipment can be up to 60 cubic meters of contaminated water, which is comparable to the local sewer system, designed for 300 users.A sort of small joint summer residence scheme to get rid of their waste products.

Stand-alone septic YUNILOS : best choice

If you do not want to negotiate design solutions with its neighbors, to discuss the financial costs for the installation of utilities, installation of the septic tank and the distribution of long-term utility costs for electricity and sanitation, install a septic tank YUNILOS.Many of the excellent quality of this Autonomous sewage from Astra model range has already been discussed in a separate article, here we turn to the technical details.Let's see which device you get for 78,000 rubles for example, the most popular models: standalone septic YUNILOS Astra 5.

  • number of regular users of sewage systems, iepeople who go to the toilet, wash in the bathroom, wash clothes, cook equal to 5 (five);the best option for small Russian families;
  • type gravity discharge of waste water;spend the money and ensure that the work of pumping equipment do not have to;
  • daily processing 1,000 liters of dirt in normal mode with a single release of 0.25 cubic meters;sometimes breaks the bath;
  • installation depth feed for sewer septic tank YUNILOS Aster 5 is only 60 cm: if you want all repair work on the system can be made with your own hands, but it is better in the summer.

Stand-alone septic YUNILOS : best choice

At first glance, everything is simple and ingenious: you set your own treatment plant, pleasing neighbors and environmentalists excellent physical and chemical condition of aeration sewage diversion, but for this peace of complacency will have to pay.

Septic YUNILOS: specifications

We deliberately brought in the beginning the positive qualities of autonomous sewerage systems, septic tanks at a closed YUNILOS.Better, more cost-effective and easy-to-install operation may exist, but the company SMB-Baltica has managed to create a very wide range of such cleaning equipment, all areas where the application of even difficult to assess.For example, the treatment plant Astra 300 "Long" category - have serious hydraulic structure, designed for disinfection of 60 cubic meters per day.For reference: a septic tank weighs 300 contingent members 5.5 tons, has dimensions 8h4h3 meters and costs about 1,85-1,9 million rubles.Let's look at the kids.

Septic YUNILOS : technical specifications

Septic YUNILOS Astra 3 - the easiest station of deep biological treatment of wastewater.Here are its technological parameters:

  • caters to water consumption and the corresponding drains of three people in a residence (approximately 0.6 m3 / day);
  • consumption at normal operation 1.05 kW / day: power consumption is minimal, but the work on the optional third pump chamber has to provide;
  • has acceptable dimensions 1000h820h2030 mm and weight of 120 kg;if you want to install a septic tank YUNILOS Astra 3 will two stubborn man without any instructions;
  • penetration station is registered in the passport, the quality of the landing pads and sand-soil backfill define themselves.

camera device and its principle of operation is easy to learn for the scheme.

Septic YUNILOS : technical specifications

economic side of the issue when choosing YUNILOS

According to our calculations ecological purity of SMB-Baltica is comparable with domestic and foreign counterparts.Some gardeners these figures are shocking, but we estimate payback septic YUNILOS achieved in 4-5 years from the beginning of proper operation.In the most general terms, estimates the purchase, delivery, installation of basic equipment and options is as follows:

  • the original product in the initial set - 65000;
  • arrangement forced (pressure) discharge of treated water schemes and additional capacity - 2000;
  • mobile GSM system - Alerts - 20000;
  • supervising installation (turnkey) - 7600;
  • annual service - 12400 rubles.

The economic side of the issue when choosing YUNILOS

choose the degree of automation of its biological treatment plant a country house or villa you are free to do, but a half-hearted recommendation we still afford: to remove once a year and the waste slag and sludge can be their own hands.Do not think that biologics for cesspools made of polypropylene, highly alienated them from the usual rustic plum.