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August 12, 2017 18:08

Sandwich - excellent flue pipe for gas boilers

Design sandwich chimney pipes for gas boilers.

Sandwich tube proven themselves in the market.This is understandable, because they have a number of advantages, chief of which is a long service life (of course, if you buy a quality product) and a high degree of fire safety.The material consists of stainless steel, which means that they do not face the impact of aggressive environment in the form of high temperature and the outside air.Plus, they do not settle or condensate, or soot.Sandwich - excellent flue pipe for gas boilers

ST easy to install.Installation is possible both indoors and outdoors.You will be able to save a bit of their money, due to the lack of need for the construction of foundation.All components and parts are very easy to assemble, so the chimney can make even a person who does not have any skills in this area.

Naturally, there are a few drawbacks.Despite the long service life, they are not "durable" as chimneys, built of brick.They are characterized by high cost and high probability depressurization joints.This is due to the fact that in the pipe constant temperature differences are observed.

As we said above, the CT consist of high-alloy stainless steel.But that is not all.Surely, you have noticed a familiar name "sandwich" (with Eng -. A sandwich) and it is no accident.Builders known term "sandwich panel" - a kind of three-layer structure which consists of two sheets of solid material and a heater in the middle.ST also inherent in this construction, it just looks a little different: instead of a hard material, we are the 2 pipes with different diameters, and the empty space that remains between them, filled with special insulation.It is resistant to high temperatures and tend to consist of either fiberglass or mineral wool with a special, based balzata.Sandwich - excellent flue pipe for gas boilers

Installation CT produced by the novel process: section length is only one meter and can be easily connected to each other.The diameter can also vary: wide or narrow, depending on operational requirements.

Mounting chimney sandwich pipes.

Before installing, you need to make multiple purchases, which include: deflector, spark arrestor, brackets, clamps crimping, apron, revision knee (if necessary).Sandwich - excellent flue pipe for gas boilers

Installation of this design, it must be attached to the boiler, fireplace or stove using the fitting.After that, everything is easy and simple: insert one element into another, with all the aforementioned anchoring brackets.

Remember the basic rules.Firstly, if the roof is flat, then the pipe should be installed not lower than fifty centimeters above the plane.A slightly different case with a pitched roof.CT should not be lower than fifty centimeters above the level of the ridge, if he is closer to it than one and a half meters.

Second, if the device passes through the roof, it is necessary to use a steel sheet (wear pipe) in which the hole diameter is equal to the diameter of the pipe.

Third, the design needed to wrap the silicone sealant.He will not allow moisture to get into the roof space.

Well, in the end, on the roof do not forget to install the metal sheet, and then slide it under the horse.This is the list attached roofing screws with silicone or rubber gasket.Do not forget to lubricate the joints with silicone sealant.Sandwich - excellent flue pipe for gas boilers

Good luck to you and let the chimney installation of sandwich pipes for gas boilers will serve you for many years.