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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to install the switch with illumination : wiring diagram

General rules for connecting switches with illumination

We have long been accustomed to this element in our apartment as a switch.However, manufacturers of lighting equipment can improve and, providing lighting system.Wiring of the switch include its highlighting of bulbs when switched off key position.In the daytime you can hardly pay attention to it, but after dark this improvement becomes very relevant and even necessary.

General rules for connecting switches with illumination

Moreover, the light because of its small capacity, practically does not consume electricity, so do not worry about it overruns.

Run connection of such a device can be their own hands, but if you are not confident in their abilities, it is better to seek help from an electrician that quickly and accurately perform the job.

Wiring and operation switch with illumination

current source for connection of the switch can be:

  • electrical panel;
  • junction box.

to start "zero" need to lead from the power supply to hold directly to a lighting device, a "phase" wire stretch to one of the two contacts located in the switch.While the second contact is connected to the lighting element phase.

As a backlight using LED or neon bulb, connected to a resistor in a consistent way.The thus obtained circuit breaker contacts connected in parallel.When we disable lighting, current flows in the lamp illumination through a resistance in parallel circuit.And when the light is turned on, the circuit is broken and the current is supplied to the lighting device.

Wiring and operation switch with illumination

Installation and connection of switch with illumination

Before installation, be sure to turn off the power to the switchboard, the absence of which the check is very easy, just an indicator of stress in turn to touch each wire.

further order of execution of works the following:

  • carefully remove the old switch and remove the key, while not damaging the contacts;
  • if the initially set new disconnector, the pre-prepared for him in the wall: is an opening in the wall and plaster or cement attached mounting box;
  • further scheme connected wires;
  • isolated places docking cables, you can connect voltage and check the quality of the work performed.If the light is lit with the light off, it means you did everything correctly.

Instructions for installing and connecting the illuminated switch

With regard dvuklavishnyh switches, the wiring diagram will be slightly different.

wire "Phase", coming from the junction box, connected to the common terminal.A "zero" wire is connected in series to multiple lighting devices.

How to assemble the switch backlit own hands

home handyman, with the necessary details, will not be difficult to implement on their own switch indicator light.The backlight can be used as an incandescent light bulb 5 watt or neon lamp.

How to assemble the switch backlit own hands

step by step is as follows:

  • connect between a neon lamp and the current limiting resistor, having collected thus the chain;
  • after removing the cover from the switch, connect this circuit to terminals in a parallel fashion;
  • similarly connected and incandescent, but without the resistor and the shade is closed;

If backlight type of built-in, instead of neon bulbs use LED.The switch cover is cut a hole corresponding to the diameter of the LED.LED with a resistor connected in parallel with terminals installed under the lid and covered with it.

How to assemble the switch backlit own hands