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August 12, 2017 18:08

Security zone KTP : borders , capacity and type of structure


According to the decree buffer zone KTP must comply with:

  1. around substations, in particular part of the plot of land and air, which is equal to the height of the highest point of the substation, limits the vertical border around the perimeter, at a distance, provided for in accordance withvoltage class.
    other words, the security zone for the substation is formed in accordance with its higher voltage, for example, a transformer substation 11 / 0,5kV, operates according to these data: the 11 lines of air, which is insulated conductors of a 6 (10) kV during any conditions of passage.
  2. Security zone - a place where it is forbidden to carry out any movement that may affect the safety of the power facilities, more than those that may damage or destroy, or even cause harm to public health and damage of property of physical and legal entities.In addition, it prohibited any action to provoke environmental damage and the occurrence of fires.

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Construction of protection zones in sets

According to the decree DBN 360-92 transformer substations and security zones to build it in such a way:

  • Transformer substations (less than 2x1000 KVA) with distribution points (less than 20kW) necessary to build a gated away from the windows and residential public buildings at a distance greater than 10 meters, and from medical institutions -. more than 25 m
  • Air and cable transmission line transformer substation and its distribution points all kinds of voltage are arranged with security and sanitationundertray zones, whose size of their interdependent Voltage.In order to determine the size of the protected areas should be guided by the table 8, 5 and Regulation DBN 360-92, according to which the protection zone in sets, should be at least 3 meters away from the station fences.

Such information feeds and aging SAE Code, under which to comply with fire safety substation is located at a distance of more than 3 meters away from buildings hmm I-III degrees of fire resistance and 5 meters from the structure IV-V degree of fire resistance.

The aid will guide the requirements of 2.4.68 of this decision, which insists that residential buildings are located on the transformer stations at a distance of more than 10 meters and, subject to the normal level of audio noise.

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alarm bridge area mps

Bridges and overpasses are artificial constructions of roads and railways, requiring the ROW.And for this purpose in the federal law about road traffic laws and activities in the Russian Federation is Article 25, which regulates these issues.

Protected zone of a heating

To resolve the problem of the security of a heating zone provided the order dated August 17, 1992 N 197 "On the typical rules of protection of municipal heating networks."

The document stated that the protected zone for heating line must be at least 3 meters away from the heat networks.In addition to the construction of a heating accounted slopes of the trench and the possibility of subsidence and possible displacement of a heating to a certain number of degrees, building on the territory of a heating of various buildings.

But according to the decision of the LGI (from 17.07.78 N526) protected zone shall be not less than 5 m, and in the territory of less than 5 meters to build something and to do something forbidden.

It should calculate the area with a margin, than after rebuilding the entire building.

should also be understood, protected zone QFT - a certain "forbidden" area, which is forbidden to perform any act that may be harmful to health and the safe operation of the people and their property.

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What actions are not allowed?

  1. construction, repair or demolition of structures, buildings and structures, all kinds of demolition work and the work of the ground, cutting and planting of trees.
  2. Installation landfills.
  3. ejection of foreign objects on the overhead line support.
  4. use and run all kinds of aircraft, such as toy models of aircraft in the HV area.
  5. establishment of any warehouse for lubricants and fuel compositions.
  6. Stay machines and structures, having a height of more than 4.5 meters (with and without load).
  7. product repair, shock work, the release of the mass weighing more than 5 tons, emission and discharge of hazardous chemicals, fuels and lubricants in the territory of the compositions of underground cable lines.
  8. Placing any objects and objects outside the boundaries set aside for the entrance to the buildings of the electric grid, and the application of obstacles to the passage of these objects.
  9. establishment of any sport and playgrounds, stadiums and other things, the holding of mass events and people fees that are not in the permitted execution of the robot.

If you do not want to be trapped, to rebuild their own building, then on the work with the establishment of security zones of transformer substations follow the law, it alone can resolve these issues.

Good luck, and be law-abiding!