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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to create condominiums in my house ?

How to make HOA

In 2013 approved a package of documents registratsionnyh to create condominiums.Required to issue and prepare some documents for the organization of the HOA and to register a non-profit organization:

  1. Statement (Form RN0001), which, necessarily, to be written by an authorized person, ie the applicant, which will indicate his name, first name, place of residenceand contacts for communication.It is prepared in duplicate and requires a notarized signature of the applicant.
  2. The application filed multiple applications and with notarized signatures:
  • evidence about the founders and management members;
  • information about the person to whom a power of attorney to act and on behalf of the non-profit organization which will deliver its actions;
  • list of your organization's activities are not aimed at commercial profit;
  • list of the documents received and the receipt.

How to create condominiums in my house ?

important fact: Receipts are not sutured to the statement, filled by the applicant prior to the submission of documents.

  1. Protocols about the creation of a nonprofit organization and approval of its constituent documents, which will be marked by the composition of the audience members.Statute in two copies.
  2. Constituent paper about the creation of non-profit organizations are also in duplicate.Homeowners Association has defined the statutory document that noted the necessity of these securities program.
  3. document that testifies about the payment of state duty.registration of establishment of the organization and its copy.
  4. document indicating the address and the location of the body of the organization, through which it will be possible to establish communication with the organization.

How to create condominiums in my house ?

If the address is not a house it is necessary to:

  • applicant Warranty and documents to allow the location of the premises, the owner must provide a copy of the ownership documents.
  • In that case, if the room is rented or sublet, you must provide all documents that can provide legal rights to the location of the applicant at the address, including the landlord documents.

How to create condominiums in my house ?

house refers Which HOA?

If the address - it's premises:

addition to the above still needed such documents for the organization of the HOA.The statement, which adresodatel indicate their consent to use their address as the location address of the organization, while being in his property.It also requires the consent of his family and all the residents at that address.Signatures notarized by a notary or ZhEKom.

package of documents to attach the address of his house consists of extracts of house register, an extract of the financial account, a copy of the document about the property right.

How to create condominiums in my house ?

  1. Scheme counting.
  2. consent of the rights owners in the sales contract, if not, just a certificate of ownership.
  3. Documents about the copyright on the use of personal symbolism.The document confirms the consent and authorization for the use of the symbols of the respective owners.It defended the Russian Federation.