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August 12, 2017 18:08

Temperature controller for radiator - choice and cost

Mechanical thermostat on the heating radiator

This thermostat consists of a valve and a thermal head.They work, but interacting, without additional energy.

thermal head, in turn, consists of the following elements:

  • regulator.
  • Drive.

liquid element.In some cases, it is replaced with a gas or elastic.

Mechanical thermostat on the heating radiator

The principle of a mechanical thermostat is the following.The indoor air temperature is changed, then immediately changes the volume of coolant.Further it is possible to observe the change in volume of the bellows, thereby changing its position regulating valve.It is proportional to the movement depends on the temperature changes in the room.

When you change the temperature of the sensing element moves the regulator valve stem.That is exactly what is happening in the control of the flow direction of the battery.

Mechanical thermostat on the heating radiator

To install the mechanical thermostat, you must install the valve on the flow of the pipeline.The thermal head must be horizontal, it should not be exposed to heat or sunlight.

If the regulator is closed curtains or furniture, the dead zone is formed, which means that the thermostat does not react with the ambient temperature.heating efficiency is reduced.If you place the controller in another way it is impossible, special sensors are sensitive to it.Embedded batteries used in niche Mini-controller.

Mechanical thermostat on the heating radiator

On the reverse side of the thermostat danfoss radiator shut-off valve is installed.It allows you to turn off in the event of an accident only the regulator, rather than the entire heating system.As the heating season is over, the thermostat Danfoss is fully opened, as otherwise the coating is formed on the valve seat.

mechanical regulator must be set up, which creates an additional hydraulic resistance.The pre-adjustment can be made both on the opening, and the check valve radiator battery.

Electronic radiator with thermostat

Electronic thermostats are automatic device which will ensure the maintenance of a certain temperature in different units.The heating system at the same time it controls the boiler and the rest of the system.With his help create the temperature conditions in the room, which is essential to man.

Electronic radiator with thermostat

The principle of operation of the electronic controller for Oventrop radiator boils down to the fact that it has a built-in or external sensor is installed in a place away from direct heating elements, it provides information about the thermostat condition of the room in which he was.

With the obtained data, the electronic control system controls the heating elements.

Electronic radiator with thermostat

Setting the thermostat at

radiator To install thermostats on radiators Danfoss to start disconnect the riser and the water is drained from the heating system.

Set the thermostat on the heating radiator

Now you can start the installation work, which is performed in the following order:

  • cut off the horizontal pipe liner at a certain distance from the radiator;
  • disconnected cut pipe and valve;
  • shanks and detached together with nuts and bolts faucet valve;
  • shanks wrapped in battery plugs;
  • piping installed on the chosen place;
  • connect piping to the horizontal pipes.

Set the thermostat on the heating radiator

reviews thermostat for radiator heating confirm the effectiveness of this instrument to carry out the temperature control if necessary.


thermostat radiator thermostat on the average price for heating radiator is 1 000, but the price range is very large.