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August 12, 2017 18:08

Install radiator and installation of the thermal head on the radiator

central heating radiators in the apartment Methods

We must start with the ways of wiring.Altogether there are five.

Methods for installing radiators in the apartment

  1. lateral connection on one side.This is the most common connection.In this case, the feed pipe is attached to the upper pipe and tapping - to the bottom.This provides the greatest heat transfer.If this connection is used when installing multi-batteries, which last section badly warmed up, the further extension cord must be installed water flow.
  2. Lower installation.This type of battery is used in the installation when the heating pipes leave the floor or under the baseboard.Seen from the point of view of the appearance of the connection - is the best option.Both the bottom and a nozzle directed to the floor.
  3. diagonal connection is used to connect multi-radiators.The principle is that a hot water pipe, connected on one side to the upper nozzle battery and return pipes are connected on the other side through the lower nozzle.This is the most effective option, which allows the battery to warm up evenly.
  4. In serial installation radiator coolant pressure within the system.To display the air is mounted on the radiator bleed screw.
  5. Parallel connection.In this connection the battery a little warmed up in the system.

Installation of bimetallic radiators

Video installation radiators demonstrates that in order to ensure normal heat, you need to follow a set distance.

  1. For a complete air circulation, it is necessary to keep a distance of 5-10 cm from the top of the battery lattice to the windowsill.
  2. should be 10-12cm gap between the lower bars and the floor.
  3. distance between battery and wall - 2-5cm

Installation of bimetallic radiators

Installation of bimetallic radiator also requires the calculation of the number of sections.It is generally believed that one section can well to heat Q2.m. In the calculations must be rounded in a big way, providing the reserve.

mounting kit includes:

  1. screwdrivers.
  2. level.
  3. Roulette.
  4. Hammer Drill.
  5. wrench.

Installation of bimetallic radiators

Installation performs the following tasks:

  1. old heater Dismantling.
  2. Marking for mounting and preparation of the new space for a new radiator.
  3. Installation of special brackets.
  4. Installing the canopy under the radiator.
  5. mounting kit assembly tools.
  6. Installation cranes.
  7. fitting heating pipes.

Installation of bimetallic radiators

Prices for installation of radiators

If you do not have the necessary skills, it is best to entrust the installation of radiators professionals.Cost of installation depends on the amount of work.

Prices for installation of radiators

Responding to a question, how much is the installation of radiators, we can say that it is not too expensive procedure.The average price is 1000 rubles.This is the amount, excluding value-added services.

complete package will cost you about 5 000 rubles, the cost of equipment is not included here.