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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to disassemble the switch without using the wizard

What you need to repair the switch

Decorations switch

to work should be purchased:

  1. screwdriver, preferably an indicator to determine the presence of current.Also fit a simple flat.
  2. Knife (assembly or clerical).
  3. insulating tape or shrink wrapped.

Step by step instruction parsing switch.Step 1: Power off

To turn off the electricity, should be found in the house electrical panel, on which the circuit breakers, residual current devices or plugs.Machines and RCD disabled lowering lever, the plug simply unscrew.To determine the right arm used indicator, checking each in turn switch on the presence of voltage in the wiring.Or, alternatively, turn off all turn and recheck indicator of whether there is an electrical current in the workplace (but check not only switch and another device on the same circuit).This must be done for your safety.

Circuit breakers on panel

Step 2: dismantling

switch box To begin, remove the keys on the switch.It can be done in two ways:

  1. Manually hold the protruding part of the button, zipping draw to yourself.At the same time by pressing the guide grooves, which are removed from the axis of the key that leads to it is easy to remove.
  2. Using a screwdriver or a knife, pry the key.To it, as in the previous example, it was taken out of the grooves, it should take the hand of the key and pull yourself.

After the key is removed, it is necessary to take a screwdriver and pry the central part of the switch, pull it toward you.Decorative switch box disassembled and under it you will find two screws that must also be dismantled by means of a screwdriver.

Important: Do not lose the screws, as similar to the life you will not find, and buy new takes time and money.

Remove the switch from the Escutcheon.

Removing the key from the switch box Removing the switch box

Step 3: Check

switch When viewed from the device, determine whether there is in it any damage, for example, molten contacts that may cause the lack of light.It is understood that if this device can not be repaired.

Check contacts serviceability

In the absence of processed inside the switch contacts or other obvious damage, remove and re-screw the screws that clamped wires and wiring devices.If the surface of contact bolts and any noticeable attacks or oxide should be removed using alcohol or other suitable solvent, and then wiped dry elements.Often the problem is poor and incomplete electrical connections are contacts, and such actions will solve the problem.

How to unscrew the screws for fixing

Step 4: wire insulation and disunion switch

If the previous steps have not been successful, and the switch is OK, you need to insulate the wires with tape, but be sure to make a point to connect to the required connector.

Removing the switch out of the wall

Check the current in the wires going to the switch using a screwdriver indicator.Stress should not be!Then remove screws, which wires are attached, and disconnect the latter.In the photo you can see which screws should be removed.

Removing the screws from the wire

If the problem is not in the switch, and the circuit has occurred somewhere on the highway earlier, it will help to detect specific signaling described in Article

Types of switches

switches come in several basic types.Despite the fact that the main principle of operation and dismantling of these devices is approximately the same, modern complex models may have additional contacts or indicators, which sometimes show, different results.

If the switch can not be repaired and you decide to make a complete replacement of the device, you useful information about the kinds of modern devices.

  1. simple (consist of 1-2 keys).The most popular.They can be used to connect the world in different rooms.Outwardly looks like a button.

Simple switches for home

  1. regulators - switches allow you to change the brightness of the light in the house in a different palette of light (from day to dusk).Differ on: manual and microcontrollers.

Adjustable light switches

  1. Gusty.They have a kind of doorbell and connected to the pulse relay.

Pulsed light switches

  1. sensitive.They are divided into audio and control.Sound respond to voice or clap his hands, and regulators - to control.

Device for adjusting light sound

If you have to buy a new circuit breaker due to a fault of the old, bring your old model for selection and substitution of a new model.Installation of a new device is also produced with the disassembly: extracting key frames and plastic screws.Install the device in the opposite course of action.Then, connect the electricity panel and verify correct operation of the circuit breaker.

How to disassemble the switch, well shown in the video.

Now you know how to make out the light switch, so you can only wish you success!Be careful!