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August 12, 2017 18:07

Ventilation in the bath - how to cope on their own ?

So whether ventilation is necessary in the bath?

Nowadays Bath again begins to gain its former popularity.Today it is difficult to find a country house, where there is no bath.They are made of log, stone and other materials.The main thing that room easily been heated and the temperature kept.Did you know that means bath ventilation system, and what is it for?

In fact, this communication is really needed.It helps freshen the air, while he does not lose heat.Especially useful ventilation in situations when in the bath is more than ten people.The fact that when we consume oxygen breathing, whose indoor bath limited and exhaled carbon dioxide.Over time, carbon dioxide becomes too much.It turns out the lack of oxygen, which leads to poor health, headaches, and in some cases even fainting.Install ventilation, and these problems will disappear by themselves.

bath ventilation system - assess the pros and cons

Like everything else in this world, ventilation has its pros and cons.bath ventilation system has a large number

pluses and a few minuses.The most significant plus - it constantly clean air with a minimal amount of carbon dioxide that increases comfort while in the bath.

second and no less important advantage - it is a complete lack of any odors.The fact that at high temperatures the molecules that carry the odor, increase its several times.This is particularly noticeable for people with sensitive sense of smell.They simply turns, from which a further stay in the steam room is impossible.

ventilation also prevents rotting of the wooden parts of your bath.It completely destroys the mold and dampness that can significantly harm your health.

From downsides worth noting higher fuel consumption in the warm bath, if there is ventilated, but this increase is not absolutely critical, and in most cases simply quietly more than a few logs, but more useful than tenfold.

How to make the ventilation in the bath - we take everything into their own hands

for ventilation systems installation, you will need to do some preparatory work and purchased the appropriate tool.But in the first place is the bath ventilation system, which can be done independently, and can be found on the Internet.For installation you will need screwdrivers, a Bulgarian, a jigsaw and a set of screwdrivers, which will need to twist the screws.Preparatory works are composed exclusively of cleaning bath itself and eliminate the furniture to the route of the ventilation channels.

proceed directly to the installation and learn how to make the ventilation in the bath.Since the system consists of tube, then they should be laid on the ceiling.This is done very simply.Cut the pipe length and required us to make holes from the changing room to the street.It inserted a plastic or metal, pipe diameter of 20 centimeters.Just using the foam carefully blow out all cracks and cut away foam residues.

The so-called head-valve we have.Now stretch the pipe from him in the dressing room and shower room.By doing this, we take the drill, drill 3 mm diameter and uniformly through each meter drilled holes in the pipe, which will form a square of 5x5 cm. The distance between the holes of 3-5 mm.Thus, paving the ventilation in all rooms, except the steam room.

In the steam room is a separate ventilation duct, which should bump to the head tube.It is not necessary, but desirable.Spend ventilation in the steam room through the corner that is closest to the stove with stones.Lower the pipe along the wall and extends directly to the furnace, so that fresh air is passed directly through the hot stones and the whole cooled steam room, and immediately acquired the desired temperature.

The steam room is best to start a steel pipe or square profile.The pipe must have a diameter of 10 cm (square profile - cross section 5x5 cm).The joints between the tubes are sealed by welding.At the ends of the pipe (profile) in the same drill hole is made on the entire surface.In this installation of ventilation over.It is possible to decorate with various objects, and you can just paint.As you can see, the ventilation unit in the bath is not a big puzzle and quite capable of any human economic.

If you think that a bath ventilation system can not cope fully with its task, the head tube should be placed a small motor or fan that would suck air from outside and disperse it in the bath.In no case do not do the opposite.You can also make a two-phase fan, which initially will deflate all the stale air from the bath, and then, after pressing the button, it will start to suck air from outside, filling the bath, the most fresh air, which progrevshis, will take you and your friends a pleasant feeling.