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August 12, 2017 18:07

The device sewage pit in private

Why you may need a device sewage pit?

As the formation of civilization to the public health requirements of all rose as cesspits were replaced first by terrestrial sinks, and then the underground sewers.That's when there were first wells to inspect sewers as became known underground channels.

Today, drain the water from the bathrooms come in a specially laid pipes, but nodal parts, such as the knee and the fork in the system requires constant monitoring.That's why there are not only savings septic wells, but also inspection, which also include swivel and Perepadnaya.

Savings option - the easiest, is closed on the system, it is often not necessary manholes, which are used in the derivation of wastewater off-site in a forced water discharge system. longer the sewer line, the more it needs to manholes .

Locations turn of a pipe 90 or 180 degrees (it does happen) must be well the device sewage rotary type.Sometimes, when the section has a fairly steep slope, to ensure a smooth tilting tubes used system changes elevation by means of specially arranged by omitting.It is situated in a well Perepadnaya, which performs functions and viewing too.

What should be the distance between the wells sewage?

If you have a linear drainage system, inspection of the mine should be placed on it every 50 meters, it is enough to clean in case of clogging, the probability of which is extremely low in a straight pipe.However, it so happens that the waste pipe system has to be carried to bypass the foundations of various buildings and cellars around.In this case each fold mounted rotary tube well .

distance between the wells of this type of sewage is caused only by the need to create the knee to rotate the drain.Where several drain pipes are connected to one common, leading to the accumulator, it is necessary to arrange the anchor shaft, it is most often alone in the system.

As for multi Perepadnaya system, it is necessary as soon as possible, to reduce the distance between the points of elevation changes.The fact that it in such places turbulent flows occur, often resulting in clogging of the knee.It is therefore Perepadnaya point depending on their depth, i.e. omitting the length are set in increments of 1.5-2 meters.The maximum allowable depth drop - 3 meters.

omitting Perepadnaya point can be made inside the shaft of metal pipes, and outside it in the form of a concrete channel.

Wash well Sewer

Inspection unit, as has been said, can combine the several functions, for example, be used to turn the system and at the same time to create a difference, but in a place like this can be also a washing unit.

other words, going down the special brackets into the concrete pit (and maybe a brick or plastic), you find yourself near a mounted therein a locking device, which are connected to a common water pipe, large diameter.

need for wash unit occurs when the drainage is pretty low flow speed, which is why there are deposits on the bottom of the pipe.When a special camera in the wash pit filled with water, the shutter opens and volley by sewerage system is cleaned of all deposits and build-up on the walls.

correct well for sewage allows you to open the gate without a descent into the accumulated water.A similar procedure can be performed once a month, but if you want and more, the special rules for pipe cleaning is not provided.