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August 12, 2017 18:08

Sewage Pump

Typology sewage pumps

Typology of sewage pumps

There are two main types of drainage pumps: regular pump for pumping sewage and fecal.The models are not interchangeable, so it is essential to distinguish the purpose and capabilities of each.Next will be described and characterized performance level as the distinctive features of each of these types of devices.Before choosing sewage pump for your home, decide on the type and scope of the proposed works.

Typology of sewage pumps

drain pump features

This type of household assenizatorskaya devices has such a device:

  • case is made of hard plastic or stainless steel.
  • located within the housing and motor pump unit.
  • unit connected to the pump outlet openings, the diameter of which depends on the planned operating performance of the device.

When choosing this type of drainage device should pay attention to the following indicators:

  • Location sucking holes.For domestic sewage pumps it is best that it be located in the lower part of the body.This will ensure the best process of pumping treatment fluids.
  • pump housing.That of which it is made, it affects the user experience.In contrast to the industrial units, home sewage pump has a housing made of lightweight materials, which greatly facilitates the ease of working with him.
  • volume of the working chamber.This rate influences the pumping speed, and also regulates the types of treatment elements, which can be pumped out.
  • diameter suction holes.This indicator controls the amount and type of waste water, which is possible to produce work.

All these indicators to look for when choosing a pump device, so that it is optimally suited for the necessary working conditions.

Characteristics of the drain pump

Features fecal pump

Sewage pumping devices differ from conventional in that they are able to work with the more contaminated waste water, which may contain a variety of elements and solid fecal matter.Pumps for sewage of this type can have such a classification:

  • device without the chopper for pumping cold water.The cheapest subtype.It is used for pumping water from swimming pools and other reservoirs.It can work with water temperature no higher than 40 degrees.
  • device without the chopper for pumping hot water.Used to work in such areas as the sauna and bath.It can work with water temperatures up to 90 degrees.
  • device with a chopper for pumping cold water.It can work with treatment elements of the low temperatures that are contaminated with solids.
  • unit with macerator pump for hot water.It works with water up to 90 degrees, having in its composition of solid polluting elements.

Characteristics of fecal pump

most common and popular subtype of sewage pumping units is a device with a chopper to work with water temperature no higher than 40 degrees.These devices are easy to cope with the main sewage, which accumulate in the collection manifold.

Thus, in the article it has been described and characterized sewage pumps, and also shows their device and the main types of typological characteristics.