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August 12, 2017 18:08

Furnaces for waste oil

furnaces working out.Their features

Technical oil, oil (mineral) or synthetic chemical pollutants and physical impurities during operation.Such a refinement is usually utilized.But our resourceful people apply it to the farm, otaplivaya its premises.

Advantages furnace waste oil

  • unit is very economical: only works on the waste engine oil;
  • in the unit no complex elements (dropper, nozzles, etc.);
  • unit is compact (in parts it can be transported in the trunk of passenger cars);
  • make the oven is quite simple self;
  • if you use the upper part of the oven, you can cook a meal;
  • unit does not produce open flames, as burn through only a couple of machine oil.

Advantages furnace waste oil

Disadvantages furnaces Waste

  • oil needed for such a stove chimney length of at least four meters.In addition, it should work on natural draft;
  • flues should have only the vertical position: it is quite difficult to do;
  • unit requires frequent maintenance.Once a week you need to clean the oil reservoir and the chimney.

To reduce these shortcomings, it is necessary to make a pipe with removable chimney.Capacity for development of suitable small size: it will be easier to clean.

Disadvantages furnace waste oil

Species furnace waste oil.Oven at working off of the gas cylinder

for independent production of such a furnace is not necessary to weld metal sheets.It is enough to use oxygen, carbon or gas cylinder.These containers have a wall thickness that allows the heater to serve for many years.

oil in the device is fed by gravity.

This oven works on natural draft, and therefore does not require a purge.Chimney

device is made of iron pipes (thickness: 2 mm, cross-section 110 mm).

Stove on working out of the gas tank

Stove supercharged

furnace having a charging system - one of the best options among similar structures.It can heat spaces up to 150 m2.At the same time consumes little fuel: one liter per hour.If the temperature should increase, the regulated valve or increase the speed of motor of the boost.In this case, fuel costs increase to fifteen liters per hour.

Stove supercharged

How to make working out on the stove with his hands

  • To produce stoves use sheet steel, only heat-resistant tubes and quality fittings.
  • Optimal design: lower container intended for fuel, the average - a pipe-burner with holes, is enriched with oxygen fuel vapors, the upper surface - heating unit.
  • top of the stove should have a vapor pipe.
  • holes for pouring fuel and combustion control, it is desirable to place the front part of the bottom.Hole for adjusting heat output combustion is placed immediately.
  • unit is placed on a strictly horizontal surface.
  • plot chimney, the most remote part of the fuel is allowed to do from a thick steel-galvanized or enamelled analog.It is also possible to use asbestos pipes with a wall thickness less than one millimeter.

How to make working out on the stove with his hands

the details of manufacture of this design will introduce the video.

Anyone who has a problem with coal or wood, can avoid them by putting the furnace waste oil.The use of such topical furnace where the temperature is close to the negative even in summer.

And, most importantly, the need to comply with fire safety regulations.