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August 12, 2017 18:08

Metal fireplaces as a new solution for the interior

Why fireplaces steel metal?

These metal fireplaces have a number of properties that make it possible to use them even in a city apartment.Primarily, this light weight finished product.As a rule, it is an order of magnitude lower than that of conventional materials fireplaces and traditional designs.In addition, and dimensions of these fireplaces are much less.

installed fireplace practically does not create additional stresses on the supporting slab, can be very effectively located in a recess formed of drywall constructions.We can say that the current model, with proper equipment chimneys and ventilation, allow the furnace with wood, even in an ordinary city apartment, that sounds even more tempting.

As is known, the metal stoves warm up much faster and more efficiently transfer heat.And the types and forms of structural design and design solutions for such heaters in abundance.And it is doubtless advantage, allowing to build a fireplace in any existing layout and the external type of housing.

Installation and operation of metal fireplaces

I must say also that the steel stoves, being a product of sufficient high-tech production, in its construction are complex composite materials and components.The material for many are heat-resistant steel, cast iron, brass alloys and so on. As a rule, is rather complicated design of the combustion chambers.

Made of refractory ceramics with inserts of fireclay, such cameras - high-tech product.Often in ovens and fireplaces use technology to "double combustion" with designs "ekonomizatorov".To control the temperature conditions and smoke sensors are used special coupled with powerful ventilating systems.And outwardly, everything looks simple and very traditional.

to receive such a high attractiveness of traditional fireplaces, except for specified heavy weight, requiring the construction of special foundations, its construction in the final home match with a lot of inconveniences.

As a rule, if the project of the house was not originally laid fireplace, its structure in the finished house is very problematic.Another thing - the iron fireplaces, you can place them anywhere that allows for equipment chimney.It should be borne in mind that the fire needs its own chimney and exhaust ventilation combining of several heaters in the same pipe can not.

installation feature that the furnace must be isolated, it is better to make the installation of the fireplace on a fireproof base. When displaying drawing fireplace or stove in the pipe, to avoid burning the latter, you need to install fireclay section at the entrance to the chimney.

Basic principles of self-installation of the metal fireplace

Many owners do in their own homes with their own hands metal fireplace.In addition to full versions of all the elements of manufacturing their own hands, the opportunity provided by modern manufacturers producing fireplaces and stoves of the metal in the form of kits on the principle designer of the "do it yourself".In addition, this fireplace is better to build, using furnaces, manufactured in industrial production.

Generally, the basis for most of their design method uses convection heating air in a room.It is important to decide on the hood, as already mentioned, it should be an individual for the fireplace.The placement is necessary to arrange the basis of refractory fireclay, excluding the impact of high temperature on the subfloor, its surface and so forth.

The same is being done about the wall junction.For exhaust pipe used special fireclay knee, providing a safe exit from the high-temperature combustion gases.If the decorative lining provided, its performance is conducted using refractories, which as typically used lightened slabs and blocks of chamotte.