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August 12, 2017 18:07

Fumes stove - begin an investigation !

The first thing to check if the stove smokes

So, why the stove smokes ?Perhaps this is due to the fact that the ash pit in her beating ash, try removing it and see if it helps.Perhaps, the problem was the brick that had fallen into the pipe.This happens quite often.It happens that the ash pit is too large, and the cold air just knocks it out of the smoke.Reduce it and this will solve the problem.

leaky roof can also be to blame.You may ask, what is the connection between the smoke in the house and the roof?Oddly enough, the most direct.If the right under the hole in the roof of the attic is the flue, during rain drops hit the brickwork, thereby eroding the joints.Through these subsequently passes the smoke.If the reason is this, repair the roof.

Less obvious, but no less common causes smoke

Often, oven smokes only in the windy weather.This is because the tube below the ridge, it should be made higher.And if you still your tube of normal size, but still naughty, how to be?

Spend an experiment.The moment when the oven will smoke put on each other, two small half-brick and iron sheet on them, and put to the pipe.If after 5 minutes the problem goes away, you need to put on your tube cap.And the problem is solved!

Quite often smoke oven, under which mounted ovens.Between the stove and cabinet under the rules brick wall should be located.But the majority of conventional inserts welded cabinets.If the cabinet below the door level, then make a flagellum and place it on a level with the top of the door frame of the furnace.

Sometimes the walls in the pipes dampen that can also cause dymlenie stove.Reduce the length of the blower in the case, if you drown the wood, and in the end put the brick edge.In principle, this could stop, even if not a series of particular cases of discomfort due to the problem in the other buildings.

For those who are not in the order of the stove in the sauna

Most people furnace inconvenience not only in the cottages, but also in the baths.But why smokes stove in the bath?Typically, such a problem encountered by those who ordered the stoves have inept wizards, or when the oven is folded incorrectly.Sometimes the cause of the oven fumes may be a small diameter pipe or a small elevation on the ridge.

problem with the diameter of the pipe can be easily solved, allowed size is 120 mm in diameter, and if it is less than the norm, it must be replaced.

It also happens that the reason lies in the wrong design.The accumulation of soot in the caper and chimneys also discussed causes misunderstanding.Remove blockage and you can use a vacuum cleaner to do this, place it in the ash pit hose.

happens that a brick oven in a bath composed of properly.It may be present gap through which will pass the smoke, and traction, respectively, will weaken.There are situations where the potters simply wrong and folded several tribes.This, of course, would interfere with traction, as the smoke output will prodelyvat too great a distance, stopping at most of these tribes.

Many of the causes can be eliminated and fuming himself.But there are those that can be solved only by shifting the entire oven again.Still, the most common cause of smoke - forgetfulness hosts.After all, they just do not clean the ash pit.Therefore, initially, clean it, and if that does not work, then you should look for another cause.