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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to impose a stove tile , tile, than glue .

Surface preparation - the best guarantee of quality

Before you glue the tiles on the stove, you need to do some preparatory work which will help to provide the expected result from the process.It is worth remembering that the laying of the tiles on the stove can not be performed in the case where the design of the heating function.What is the main problem in this case?That's right, the main problem of the heating design - its uneven rough surface.This is due to the following factors:

  • Uneven original brickwork;
  • Availability obsolete plaster;
  • Application in the old straw solution.

All these irregularities must be removed with a spatula and metal brushes.After roughing the surface of the furnace design will be prepared, it is necessary to cover the primer deep penetration.In addition, all existing joints have to bury to the adhesive mixture does not lag behind in the field of the old solution.

Laying tiles - a creative process

very first thing that is required from the master, it is to determine the order than to impose the stove.For this purpose, use ceramic tile stove, because it is able to withstand relatively high heating temperature.After the preparation process can proceed to the very laying of tile material.

Important!Do not rush to the beginning of such work, because the first row of tile material must lie perfectly flat and horizontal.

V can be used as an adhesive composition of the new building materials and standard cement.If you choose the second option, the cement mixture must be added to salt.This type of work has a practical similarity with the simple laying of tiles on the wall or floor.Tile for the stove goes from the bottom up, keep a clear distance between the individual elements.You can use the special construction crosses, which we must not forget to pull out after curing of the adhesive mixture.

adhesive is applied to the surface of the furnace design with a special notched trowel, which will apply an equal amount of glue on the wall of the furnace.Do not forget that you need to constantly check the level of provisions of a number of tiles, because correct defective items will not be possible after the glue has dried.All Grout joints must be carried out not earlier than one day after the end of the masonry work.

Tile - is not only beautiful appearance

Using ceramic tiles lining the furnace design has several qualities that allow this method of finishing high demand.On the positive side of this process furnace finishes include:

  • Attractive appearance;
  • High reliability finish;
  • Additional properties of the heat-furnace walls;
  • High speed heating in all living spaces.

Important!all the recommendations for the preparation of a special glue should be observed in detail, which will be used to finish the construction of the furnace. If you have not figured out how to impose a stove tile, the video from our site will help you with this.