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August 12, 2017 18:07

A mixture of masonry stoves - how to choose the solution for other purposes ?

A variety of mixtures and components

solutions are divided by type of binder, which is used in the initial mixture, and directly affects the quality of the subsequent material.There are:

  • cement;
  • mixed (made up of two binders);
  • plaster;
  • lime.

For masonry furnace used only mineral binders, such as lime, clay, cement, gypsum.But organic and synthetic in such works do not apply.

There are several types of solutions for masonry stoves:

  • clay - for laying the main part of the furnace;
  • cement - for laying the foundation of the furnace in the wet ground and the exterior of chimneys;
  • lime - for laying the foundation of the furnace and the flue pipe above roof level.

Glance clay

solution with a clay solution put the bulk of furnace, but it can not be used for the construction of outdoor chimneys and foundation.The reason for this - the rapid destruction of the influence of moisture.The seam of this solution should be no more than 5.3 mm, because otherwise it will be damaged and will fall through the air, which will worsen the operation of the furnace.

To get the right seam, the solution should prepare from the sifted fine sand and good clay, and then mix well.Clay solutions are divided into thin, oily, normal.Bold has the necessary flexibility, but there are cracks on drying.The lean solution is plastic and not durable.The most well-regarded normal solutions.They are in the ideal ratio of aggregate and binder.

According density mixture should be such that when wetted brick masonry unnecessary amount of squeezed under the weight of the material, with a little push of the hand on him.

To produce such a solution must sift through a clean sand, which cell should be 1-1.5 mm.Clay soaked, stirred, mixed with water to form a milky white composition, and filtered through a sieve.Pieces of clay, which were, it is necessary to knead, add water, and drain again.Excess water should be drained, after the clay settles milk.

Thereafter, metered doses of clay and sand, clay diluted milk and stir until smooth.In this mixture should be no lumps or particulate clumps.Solution can be stored indefinitely, and if it has hardened, then simply diluted with water.

cement and lime mixture for masonry stoves

Mortar is made from sand, cement and water.With it, lay the foundations in the ground at a certain humidity and damp places.Still it is used for the construction of chimneys on the roof.This durable solution which hardens in water and in air.Curing begins approximately 30-40 minutes later, and complete hardening occurs after 12 hours.

To prepare such a composition is mixed with sand to cement ratio of from 1: 1 to 1: 6.Expend it necessary to have time for an hour to keep the quality of strength.Mixed solution consists of two binders and a filler, and is also used for chimneys and foundations in wet soils.It is prepared from cement, sand and lime putty in the ratio of: cement - 1 part sand - 6-12 parts lime putty - 2 parts.

mortar demand for foundations stoves and outdoor chimneys. Do it from sand, lime putty and water.From the quality of the limy test and how quenched lime, directly depends on the quality of the solution.In tvorilnom box lump lime mixed with water and waiting until it stops boiling, and quenching process is complete.

Before you begin to cook the mixture, hydrated lime to survive about 1-1.5 months.The longer the exposure, the better the quality.To make the solution, you need the dough out of strained lime mixed with sand sifted and stir well while adding water.The ratio of components should be: 1 part of dough to 2-3 parts of sand.Ready solution preserves its quality for several days.

To increase the strength of this mixture add cement, and to reduce the curing time - gypsum.

Today, building market is full of all kinds of ready-made solutions and mixtures.Therefore, in order not to cook them yourself, you can simply buy dry mixes for masonry stoves.This saves time and power.But the choice is always yours.