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August 12, 2017 18:07

Photo Design of curtains for the kitchen in the country and Art Nouveau


selection Curtains in any case should not interfere to pass on to the balcony.Doors must be easy to open and close.

Do not abuse the long heavy curtains lambrequins, littered the floor and flounces.This is no good.Note the door edge damage the delicate tissue tyuley, plus it is banal uncomfortable, if you use a private balcony.

Curtains have one feature: its composition should be linked: Window and door in one direction.Unfortunately, not a simple task, but it is necessary to connect all of their creative ambitions and to embody in one design solution.You have to have a lot of features and options.

Next, we tell you about all kinds of curtains and show them the embodiment of the design in the photo.


practical option not found in nature, as there is nothing superfluous, and carefully draw up the door and the window.On the window sill to stretch them, and the door to the floor.The components are the ribbons and laces, which, being decorated in different styles, give their aesthetic effect.


Practical blinds

There are vertical and horizontal.This modern curtains, other than practicality.Fortunately for kitchen use and vertical blinds it is possible even in the middle of the window, and the center of the balcony and window compound.Blinds is easy to push from both sides.They provide access to the windowsill to accomplish their tasks.The disadvantage can often be the same height as the window or the door, roughly speaking, everything will be completely covered from floor to ceiling, and practicality is played at the expense of the comfort.
practical blinds

Combined curtains

Kitchen with balcony, perhaps, the most successful way to design.How does it look?You can combine several styles, for example, the doors will be Japanese panels, and on the window - Roman blinds.It plays an important role and composition of the same fabric, decorative elements (border, cords, they fall), a pelmet.Speaking of swags, he can perform a unifying element for windows and doors, hiding the cornice and give a special charm decoration.

Combined curtains 1

Important!Pelmet height should be such so as not to interfere with the door open.

Curtains in the kitchen should be in the same performance as the rest of the interior design in the style of minimalism should be traced in detail, but not so much that a modernist design from somewhere took a wooden cornice.The main bar in the design imparts integrity to the chosen style.

Combined 2 - curtains

It should be understood that the kitchen - a place where soot, odors, grease are quite common.Sometimes the hood can not cope, and the only way to get rid of the problems is airing.But even when the door is opened the curtains and tulle intercept on these odors, smoke, etc.Therefore, they must be wear resistant even to frequent washing.

style curtains in the kitchen

topical style to design kitchens in recent years has become a modernist style, which is characterized by rounded shapes, unity with nature, the use of glass and metal.This is not a classic interior, rather expensive under the conditions of use of natural materials.Colours - light shades of the walls and decor and dark shades or white furniture.The curtains in this style are made of translucent fabric and without any ornaments and decorative items.

The style of curtains in the kitchen : modern - 1

The style of curtains in the kitchen : Art - 2

No less interesting is the country style, which is completely different from modern superior quality - comfort.There is a misconception about this style, which is that supposedly it is impossible to design for apartments, and it is only suitable for private homes.It is not possible to implement country-style apartment and every day he will dip you into the atmosphere of home comfort.Style characteristic: easy negligence, rough dressing furniture, antique, objects with defects.Curtains, respectively, as at the grandmother in the French countryside.

The style of curtains in the kitchen : Country 1

The style of curtains in the kitchen : Country 2

Remember about a few facts:

  • Whichever style you did not choose, a warm atmosphere in the kitchen give warm shades of colors, and the cold will make the room a strict and ascetic.
  • Read as much information about styles, decide to enjoy it.Perhaps you have the skill and imagination of the fact to make such curtains yourself.
  • patience, it repairs you need.