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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to choose and install the door to the bathroom and toilet with his hands + photo examples.

doors to the bathroom: the first thing I look for when choosing.

door - is the face of our bathroom, what we see and appreciate before seen design and interior of the secret room.Therefore, it should correspond to the whole impression.As they say, no trifles in the repair and responsible owner will carefully choose the door to his suite.

glass door for the bathroom

's all about the atmosphere of the room, there is constantly high humidity and temperature changes.Exposure to moisture, as we know, has a deleterious effect on the tree and on the boards of chipboard, medium density fiberboard, of which, as a rule, are now producing interior doors.eventually Door leaf will swell, deform, vary in size, and then shrivel and crack.And how then will look like our door?The sad spectacle.Therefore, natural veneer finish does not suit us.

the door for the bathroom

following indicators - insulation, insulation and ventilation, especially if solid door, and the duct is very small.Therefore, you must install an additional fan.

What material is suitable for the door to the bathroom

most suitable materials for the door panels are:

  • glass.This is the most recommended option, since it can not be exposed to moisture, does not lose its shape over time, is not afraid to temperature changes.In addition, the glass - a environmentally friendly material, it is easy to care for, it perfectly retains heat the room and does not transmit sound.Do not be afraid if you have small children, the glass on the doors of a special tempered and break it down is not easy.Glass doors are highly in demand by consumers due to its modern design, aesthetic appearance and functionality.These models are available of all kinds - matt, powder-coated, with a relief engraving, tinted, mirrored decor can be for every taste - metallic elements, ornaments, mosaics, as we can see in the photo, and you may leave yourself room for creativity.

glass door for the bathroom

  • plastic.It is quite a decent option door into the bathroom.The material is durable, lightweight, does not rot and can withstand high humidity.Door leaf made of plastic gives you the freedom of imagination to decorate.It is possible to paint, hang the film, simulating wood or other material.

the door to the bathroom and toilet

  • PVC.Enough is now common material used in the construction industry.If you're looking for an inexpensive option for a fairly modest housing, we offer to pay attention to PVC.
  • in the penultimate place wood, covered with water-repellent composition.This is a classic common type of door that it is desirable to establish clear of water communications, even though they are covered with antiseptic solutions and varnished.See this version of the elegant, but not practical.
  • outsiders our Topa are MDF and hardboard.Standard matting hollow door, opened the laminated paper does not stand up to scrutiny.They can not do nothing to protect the premises.Do not pursue cheap, otherwise you in five years will have to change them.

Yes, and a few words about the process of opening.In small apartments each square centimeter on the account and the constant opening here and there just annoying and prevents to go down the hall to the kitchen or bathroom.A remarkable one for the bathroom will be a sliding door coupe.In any case, the choice is yours.

the door to the bathroom

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