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August 12, 2017 18:07

Bamboo flooring or exotics in the interior

Bamboo flooring - whether to choose?

Bamboo for quite some time and have become part of our home as a piece of furniture or decor.Today, bamboo is widely used for the production of high-quality coating that is ideal for floors in public and in a residential area.Excellent characteristics that distinguish the bamboo flooring from peers, due to raw material properties.Thus, bamboo stems possess a high moisture resistance, hardness and lightness.

parquet made of bamboo, is characterized by high degree of strength, wear resistance and accordingly durability.Its natural origin determines properties such as environmental friendliness and safety, even for allergy sufferers with the experience.The structure of the cladding material allows it to be extremely resistant to various deformation processes.

In addition, bamboo flooring is a good thermal and acoustic insulation material.In combination with high-quality substrate it will provide you with the silence of the "music" of city streets and noisy neighbors, heat retention, especially valuable during the cold season.Hygroscopicity natural coating forms a favorable microclimate in the premises.Aesthetics of the parquet is not in doubt.

Bamboo flooring is able to decorate any space, ranging from cozy bedrooms, finishing with office head of the company.

Parquet made of bamboo - what types are there?Ready

finishing material is a multilayer structure obtained by compressing feedstock under high pressure.The number of layers can be different: the most - five, but the most widely used three-layer variant.Today, there are a lot of criteria to classify flooring made of bamboo.

According to the method of production can be identified horizontal and vertical flooring.Horizontal embodiment occurs by gluing strips of interconnected plants.Namely they are stacked horizontally, i.e. parallel to the floor surface.The result of this production is an amazingly beautiful flooring with a clear picture created by nature itself.As for the vertical counterpart, there is bamboo strips are placed on edge and press.The original appearance of the finish will be a real "highlight" of any interior.

Varies material and color.As a rule, of particular interest are natural colors that are quite bright and pleasantly pleasing to the eye.However, the heat treatment contributes to giving the bamboo is not less beautiful and noble shade coffee.Such dark parquet will decorate any room.

Varies parquet of bamboo and depending on the lacquer coating.The material is covered on top with a special varnish that protects it from abrasion, aging, moisture and damage.The lacquer has a certain degree of protection and used in suitable cases.If the room fills in bright sunlight, it is advisable to apply for floors parquet with enhanced protection against UV rays, and in areas with high degree of humidity is recommended to lay the bamboo floor, covered with a good water-resistant varnish.Depending on the type of plank board decided to allocate, mosaic and block parquet.

What type of bamboo flooring to choose for your home, you need to decide according to their own preferences, financial opportunities, working conditions and the general style decision interior.

Bamboo flooring - especially installation

Parquet flooring from bamboo material can be carried out in two ways:

  • traditional "floating";
  • adhesive.

Ā«floating" method involves lining assembly on the prepared surface of the floor by attaching "tongue and groove".That is, the boards be joined together without direct attachment to the floor.Their styling is carried out on a flat surface made of plywood or particle board, which is under steam, and sound-proof material.This "cake" provides the reliability and durability of natural cover.

As for the adhesive method, it provides installation work directly on the concrete screed with a specially designed adhesive for these purposes.To obtain the maximum level of its surface, which will be the basis for the parquet floor, it is recommended to use self-leveling mixture.

Thus, stopping the choice on the floor made of natural bamboo and sticking to its stacking technology, you get incredibly beautiful floor on which it will be pleasant to walk and from which it will be difficult to take your eyes.