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August 12, 2017 18:07

Aluminum baseboard or effectively skirt the premises?

Plinth outdoor aluminum - that we find in it?

much the plinth attracts due to its performance.Firstly, it is made of anodized aluminum, which retains its beautiful view over the entire lifetime.

Secondly, this material is extremely durable, wear-resistant and durable, so it's perfect for use in high traffic areas such as train stations, airports, schools, municipal buildings.

Thirdly, he is not afraid of aggressive chemical environments, and can therefore be used in hospitals and other places where the works are carried out periodically for disinfecting premises.

Finally we should mention the very attractive appearance of this material, which has become a real boon for lovers of style Hi-Teck.

aluminum plinth - a brief description

This plinth is of two kinds.

  1. Floor .It serves to protect the joint of the wall and floor covering, as well as for the protection of wall coverings from moisture and household chemicals when cleaning the room.Basically available with cable channel for concealed wiring wire and cable, but sometimes without it.
  2. Kitchen .Designed to protect the joint countertops and working wall (apron) cuisine.If desired, can be coated with PVC film of a certain color.With it, you will forget about constantly bombarded for kitchen furniture cutlery.

The advantages of this type of skirting boards include high abrasion resistance, resistance to household chemicals, broaches the possibility of hidden cables and wires, as well as the aesthetics of performance.Besides plinth has a relatively high flexibility, and fits snugly to the curved surface.However, skirting aluminum has a relatively high value that keeps on its installation many thrifty consumers.

Mounting aluminum skirting

to install skirting boards, we will need the following tools: hammer, screwdriver, gun for sealant and adhesive in tubes.Skirting outdoor aluminum mounted in three different ways.

In the first case it is done using aluminum or plastic substrate with a built- cable channel.In this case, we make the following steps.

  • Attach the backing to the surface of a wall plug-nails (concrete) or screws (for silicate blocks, plasterboard, wood), 30-40 cm, and with a curved surface and more.
  • gently laid the cable, and then snap the lid cable channel (in the case of installation using a plastic substrate).
  • Then cut out the exact size of the outer cover of the plinth made of aluminum, paying attention to the fact that using the external and internal parts of the lid under them should go on 5-6 mm, and a docking bracket with 2-3 mm.
  • then delicately setting the stage for the corners and joints strips applied to the substrate aluminum cover over the entire length, slightly pressing it with your fingers until it clicks.

installation features in other ways

second way - with aluminum clips .Recent attached to the surface of the wall with screws or dowel-nails 30 cm. Further, by cutting the outer cover, put it in the dock and cable series to Mounting clip.It should be noted that this method is less reliable and more complex to implement, than the first.

can also implement assembly with glue or adhesive tape .It refers to a thin composite not baseboards without cable channels.In the case where a plinth made with adhesive tape, then install it you just have to rip the protective film and press to the wall.

If it is made without the adhesive tape, the pre-applied to the inner surface of the two-track quick-assembly adhesive 3-5 mm at a distance of 1 cm from the top and bottom edges of the baseboards.

then pressed plinth to the wall with the long rule, to ensure a perfect seal on the entire length of the skirting board, and a little stick it in this position until the glue has set.Kitchen

aluminum skirting is fastened completely as well as outdoor, and except that the lower portion under the worktop plinth substrate for sealing silicone composition should be processed.