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August 12, 2017 18:07

GVL floor - dry repair in your apartment

importance of choosing the flooring

Many puzzled question, what should be the flooring.Aesthetes usually say that gender was "beautiful", and practical - "easy to use" eco-lovers prefer the style "green".Specialists in construction determines its quality: thermal insulation, resistant to shock and air noise.

But should understand that every decent floor must consist of 3 parts:

  1. Reinforced concrete foundation - a plate.
  2. Screed posed gypsum sheets, which are placed in the space between the concrete and flooring.
  3. coating.It may be anything, ranging from linoleum flooring before, as you wish.

GVL floor

What set the floor properly, you need to understand what are the ways how they comply with the limits of construction:

wooden floor.Sometimes of the bars, which is attached to the board.The slots between the bars filled with an insulating material or heat insulator.This floor has a lot of disadvantages.The first is the thickness of the boards and the bars at 9 cm, it eats up a lot of space and, in addition, the wood floor, as an ecological product, sooner or later begins to crack and rot.Because such floors hardly do, but instead apply the insulating coating, such as polystyrene foam or foam, and on top of the grout.The second disadvantage is the installation of a concrete mixer, which, of course, not possible to establish in an apartment.The third - to lay cover only a week after the concrete work and walk the floors installed only after 2 days later, the final work.This coating is possible, but you should give it a lot of attention and full control over the process.

The importance of the choice of floor covering

Plasterboard as the basis for the "dry" method

drywall sheets are 2 meters high and 0.5 m. Wide, made of plaster.Technologically created so that the plaster solution dresses in thick cardboard.This list freezes and then used for dry construction.

Use it for walls of concrete, wood and brick.Before consolidation sheet is necessary to smear the wall with an adhesive, and then press down to the surface.

Disadvantages of walls:

  • Fragile material.Broken hammer or a fist.
  • afraid of water.Lose their original form, turning at the same dough made from plaster.

Plasterboard as the basis for the "dry" method

Cost construction

gipsovolokno gypsum fiber board manufactured with the addition of wood-fiber components and therefore safer and environmentally friendly.It does not burn.strength level is not less than the strength of fiberboard, moisture at the highest level.It does not need putty.

How to work with GVL?

  1. from the old flooring will have to get rid of.
  2. Concrete floor clear of debris.
  3. Slots gaps must be filled with grout.
  4. Clean the surface again.
  5. Use thermal insulation and insulation (there Sediment, polystyrene and fiber).They can be chosen according to your financial possibilities and the principle of insulation.European way of warming is considered to be still and mineral wool.

gipsovolokno GVL

principle with GVL

Before starting work, you should pay attention to the following:

  1. For floors there are special formats Sheet GVL, 1.2 m in size and 12 mm thick.The size of a rare, but is convenient for installation.Sheets are divided into: moistureproof (coated with a solution which is resistant to humidity) and moistureproof.
  2. optimum quality dry flooring presented by Knauf, several plants in Russia producing products under this logo.
  3. the cutting sheets should be carried out only specialist.When this is taken into account the volume of the room, for an edge band gaps, the width of the mineral wool around the room.
  4. Calculate the height of the floor, taking into account the thickness of the insulation, which should be at least 20 mm.It is important that it was most dense.To this we must add another 10 mm plasterboard.The height of the floor more often rises to 3-4 cm.
  5. On the concrete base is necessary to lay a polyethylene film that she made moisture-permeable barrier.Make sure that the experts put it on the concrete.

important point: Be sure to follow the technology and the actions of the workers, if the process does not perform on their own.Any failure to comply with the slightest impact technology quickly during operation.