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August 12, 2017 18:07

The inlet floor : a strong and weaker sex ?

emergence of technology development of high technology has led to the fact that there were innovative building materials, based polymers, which are known, are characterized as robust operational element.
inundated self-leveling floors are also coated and recently began to get more popular.
The inlet floor : a strong and weaker sex ?

What are the advantages of flood coating?

No floor covering can match the combination of beauty, practicality and ease of installation with self-leveling compounds.However, the benefits do not end there:

  • smooth surface without flaws;
  • lifespan - 30-40 years;
  • high level of strength;
  • not exposed to chemical and mechanical influences, moisture;
  • does not attract dust;
  • lack of toxic elements;
  • does not burn;
  • does not require special care, etc.

The inlet floor : a strong and weaker sex ?

Where relevant filler floor?

used in places where using heavy chemical elements produced mechanical action and where extremely necessary sterility and cleanliness of the room.It follows that such floor most often used in the industry.But this does not mean that it can not lay in the apartment.In contrast, the current generation of people eager to see at home instead of the standard parquet 3D image, and polymer floor is able to fulfill such requests.

coatings have no seams, so ensure absolute hygiene.They are not slippery and can easily be used in the bath or pool.
The inlet floor : a strong and weaker sex ?

Technology 3d floor

on certain base glued any decorative pattern is then applied polymer coating, and after the transparent layer is 3-4 mm thick, to create volume-and 3D-images of reality.
These floors have provided more opportunities for designers, because they are often used in private homes and apartments.
The inlet floor : a strong and weaker sex ?

In technical terms, the floor installation is simple, but, nevertheless, there are a number of issues that are difficult to solve without the help of professionals.
What types of flood coating?

  1. Vysokosloynye.
  2. Thin-film.

In composition:

  1. Solvent.
  2. Water.

According conductivity:

  1. conducted.
  2. not conducted.
  3. Antistatic.


  1. porous.
  2. Moderately porous
  3. Smooth.

By binding element:

  1. Methyl methacrylate
  2. Epoxy
  3. Polyurethane
  4. epoxy urethane.

Each of these characteristics affect the property, which has a floor filler, and choose the material is tailored to individual requirements.It would be best to consult a specialist, who will select a mixture ideally suited a particular apartment.There are certain requirements for coverage and appearance.
make methyl methacrylate at low temperatures.This is the most common components that are used to cover in a residential area.

How to assemble 3D floor?

first element in the list is the aeration needle roller, which is needed to prepare the ground and laying our staff.
basis do using cell (roller), a wire brush, a two-meter rack, brush, triangular scraper.For laying
need such tools: drill, clean bucket, trowel, squeegee with a gap, which will help to distribute the material.At a filling
floors can be walked on after 3-6 hours after pouring.
During drying, the temperature difference should be avoided, so close the door to prevent drafts and sunlight.
Important!To fill the solution was to be successful, you must not pour water all at once to the vessel, and parts and as soluble pieces to add liquid.A solution was poured
parts - for every 2 square meters.m. necessary laminating roller so that the surface was uniform, and air is introduced into the formulation.Pouring between each of the layers have to wait 10 minutes.
The inlet floor : a strong and weaker sex ?
Good luck with the repair!