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August 12, 2017 18:07

Art parquet - this is also a kind of art form

Art parquet premises as a basis

design begins with the creation of a parquet drawing, in which a special production line produces complex (and not) parts.For the same drawings, and then carried out the assembly of parquet mosaic.The wood is mostly used precious corresponding complexity of the pattern and determines the value of the parquet.Wood species used deciduous, from local - mostly stained oak, walnut, yew, juniper, cypress, apple, pear, alder, and more southern species - plane trees and boxwood.

As for patterns, the artistic parquet is of two types: with geometric and beautiful ornaments.The differences between them essential, first, as you can understand from the name, is composed of geometric shapes, and the second involves complex patterns, often of floral ornament, but it may be just beautiful interlacing curved lines.

By the nature of the assembly and there are 2 types.A simpler option - it marquetry, when the figure is assembled from separate strips, each of which is a piece of the picture.It can also happen with inlaid parquet assembly, when the background is made of the same wood and damask accents cuts complex shapes of other species throughout the depth of the floor covering.

parquet floor - the most affordable option of artistic

As a child, many hands fell puzzle: an odd number of squares with the fragments of the picture embedded in a frame and freely moving in relation to each other and alternately occupy an empty cell, sent by a child's hand.Parquet floor - something between this game and a puzzle, it represents the individual boards, interconnected in various ways.

most complicated (and reliable) connection type - or gypsum partition "on the hard railĀ» , each plank is one long and one short side have a groove, the other two sides with ridges.Also parquet going "on a soft rail", this method provides for on all sides of the parquet of small grooves, which are inserted into the rack-studs made of pine or oak planks are nailed to the ground with nails.

The most simple include a bracket with an oblique or slanting edge seam on all four edges, which are attached to the base using mastic asphalt or asphalt mass.The last type is the most durable of all four listed.Planks, attached "rail" are always going on a wooden base, the other two options - on the concrete.At the same time the concrete foundation should be carefully smoothed with cement mortar.

To align the wooden base, it is often stacked sheets of particle board or two layers, first put soft stove, and on top - solid.Mastic is applied as a uniform layer of even 1 millimeter thick, and have it neatly stacked plank flooring, on a pre-stretched along the string room.

Fibreboard, as well as parquet, it is best to stick to the pre-primed substrates.

Do you want to live in a palace - parquet mosaic will create the right atmosphere

Among other types of parquet mosaic takes, perhaps, the first place for ease of assembly drawing.Pre recruited from the parquet boards fragments drawing a square shape, a kind of mats, glued on an elastic material, most often on sticky paper face, after laying the paper is removed.Sometimes there are patterned sets, fragments of which are glued on a flexible basis for the lower part, in which case the connecting material (tarred fibreboard or thin mat of rubber crumb) remains under the parquet.The floor is covered with mosaic parquet very quickly, quite properly laid mats to get the right picture at the junction of every four units.

length parquet strips is always a multiple of their width , this is done in order to easily add basic squares, which are located on the basis of staggered, perpendicular to the alternation.Carpet of elementary squares usually have an identical shape, although sometimes permitted, and the rectangular shape.

In some cases, more complex solutions, but only on request.Carpets are connected with each other using special strips under which the extreme edges of elementary squares cut grooves.Information, parquet top class mosaic is always made of oak and a variety of exotic species of tropical trees.Lower quality first category is made from ash, beech, elm, chestnut, acacia, birch, larch, pine and elm.