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August 12, 2017 18:08

Foil mineral wool - how to provide comprehensive heat protection ?

What is the essence of complex insulation at home?

Our ancestors tried to keep the heat in their homes by increasing the capacity building of the box, so the locks were born with half-meter thick walls.Modern building flatly refused such a wasteful means of protection, preferring to approach the problem from a scientific point of view.

known that heat "travels" in the space of three ways:

  1. Convection, when the warm air in the room is spinning and passing warms everything in its path.
  2. conduction when a hot object in contact with the cold gives him part of their energy.
  3. radiation when a heat wave penetrates through any obstacles along the way giving their energy "reserves".

Classic natural and composite insulators perfectly block the heat in the first and the second case, but to stop the unseen "fugitive", requires a special mirror insulator, reflecting light in the infrared spectrum.Ideally suited for this purpose polished aluminum foil.

As a result, an improved protective "puff" should look like this:

Interior decoration + foil + insulation + gidrobarer + exterior trim

To simplify installation work on the installation of this complex system was developed mineral wool foil, which includesfinished just two blocks of this "layer cake".

foil mineral wool - the most powerful thermal insulator class "2 in 1»

Not casually in a pair of rose, these two insulator.Each of them - the leader in its field:

  • Aluminum foil not only reflects up to 97% of the infrared heat radiation, but does not let steam and gas, is neutral and environmentally friendly material, easily accepts any form, perfectly brings high temperaturesand do not corrode.
  • Mineral wool - fireproof insulator with excellent thermal conductivity (0.038 - 0.045 W / K × m).It works equally well as at low temperatures (up to -200 ° C) and at high temperatures (up to + 1000 ° C).Stone material in nature is not afraid of chemical and biological attacks, has a decent indicator of strength (holding "blow" to 80 kPa).

Mineral wool with foil - attractive companions, which effectively reinforce each other.The reflective "mirror" - a fragile material and sturdy in nature mineral wool plays for him the role of the fastening base.On the other hand, suffers from hydrophobia cotton insulation and vapor-proof mirror film protects it from destructive moisture.

mineral wool with foil and is available in rolls and plates and mats, and in the cylinders, so the finishing work is not required to redraw much expensive consumables.

where it is profitable to use mineral wool with foil?

Insulation mineral wool - favorite insulator widely used for interior and exterior protection at home, but the type of foil material is rarely used for this purpose.But he took a narrow niche, which brings the maximum benefit from their unique technical properties.It - insulation of saunas and other buildings, structures with extreme temperature regime.

foil mineral wool accelerates and facilitates wall insulation steam, builders do not have to worry about careful slinky all surfaces with a thin film of the foil, which is very choosy in their work.Finishing works are reduced to mounting on special hooks mats material and care of dense docking adjacent elements.

Another important area of ​​the "reign" with mineral wool insulation foil is hot water and oil.Here, the material contributes to significant energy savings, excellent brings extreme conditions.