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August 12, 2017 18:08

Perlite as an additive to warm and not only ...

Want heated floors - add perlite

the domestic construction materials market with the addition of perlite are quite common, but for the most part, in a molded form.Meanwhile abroad perlite otelochnye added to various compositions including a plaster.This filler gives the building blends new properties, increasing the already existing characteristics.Thus, by using perlite available insulating, acoustical compositions wash fireproof light building mortars.

very effective is floor heating on the basis of perlite.For its styling used hydrophobized pearlite, which fraction not exceeding 6 mm.After laying of pipelines on the prepared surface of sand poured out of the bags and spread with long strips, with the layer thickness should be 20% greater than the desired coating height.If necessary

tucked under the sand, and drainage tubes with a layer of kraft paper above them (in the event that as a base is not used over the basement floor).Over filling the stacked plates, for example, aerated concrete, then carried out the floor not use the seal plate for wooden flooring, perlite just filled all the voids between the joists.

practical in all respects expanded perlite sand

Perhaps even earlier should mention such property perlite as flammability.This is not surprising when you consider how the sand is made expanded perlite.It is made from volcanic glass by high temperature (more than 1000 degrees) firing, like basalt tile, which has a similar origin.

refractory bricks on the basis of perlite are used for lining works, ie for lining blast furnaces in the steel industry.It is remarkable fireproof properties of perlite it possible to obtain with the help of excellent heat-resistant mortar.

perlite filler in plaster solution to reduce its thermal conductivity by 50%, with 3 cm resulting finishing material for the thermal insulation properties will correspond to 15 centimeters brick.

Perlite can not only be used as a heater in thermal insulation products, but also in natural, bulk form.The best option - to carry out the filling in the cavity between the bearing wall and the facing masonry, lined indented 3-4 centimeters.cavity filling is performed every four brick layers is filled with perlite layers, followed by light tamping, which should lead to shrinkage of 10%.Strew perlite can be directly from the bag or via sandblasting machine.

Mortars with perlite basis

Reliability masonry construction - the key to the future strength of construction, it does not matter whether it is a Mighty vacation home or a residential apartment complex in-dash metropolis.And just perlite can provide this reliability.The composition of the obtained light, which has a positive effect on the overall construction of massiveness.Best mortars perlite used in masonry blocks of foam or other types of light brick, building materials since these are most similar in its characteristics to the solution.

This combination of brick and mortar is completely ruled out the possibility of thermal bridges.Properly manufactured mortar after setting the following characteristics: density - 650 kg / m3, tensile strength - in excess of 1.7 N / m2, compressive strength - more than 5 N / m2, insulating properties - in average 0.2 W /(m * K).

By the way, here is one of the variants of the solution: 1 part cement, 3 parts perlite, sand 2.2 parts water 1.5 parts plasticizer (if necessary) 3 parts .As for the dry filling a warming, it corresponds to the thermal conductivity of 0.04-0.05 W / (m * K).Expanded perlite, volcanic other products like activity (such as tuff), both in solution and in the bulk state of aging and completely loses its properties, not subjected to damage by rodents, insects or fungus.