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August 12, 2017 18:07

Foam for insulation and facade finishing

foam front as a means of decoration and insulation

If you want to learn how to insulate foam facade house, you need to delve into more detail in this issue.For starters it uses a special foam.It is self-extinguishing seasoned plate having a size 1000h500 millimeters.

Important!For exterior use it is recommended to apply the finishing material, which successfully resists weathering and direct sunlight.

Before starting work, should be paid more attention to the preparatory work, which has three main stages:

  • Inspection rough walls;
  • Correction of significant defects;
  • primer and preparation for finishing.

Adhering to the correct course of action, it is possible to achieve the desired result and the quality of finishing.

correct order of work - the key to quality results

Facing facades foam begins with the preparation of the surface of the walls of the house.Ideally, the walls of the house should be as smooth, but this happens rarely.The good quality of the material, its thickness is considered, by means of which the cover can be small irregularities blister wall.

to the wall surface material is glued on a special adhesive blend that is sold in the respective stores.The packaging of the glue has detailed instructions for use and preparation.On the boards the adhesive is applied with a uniform thickness, if the blister wall is extremely smooth.To do this, use a notched trowel, the height of the teeth is equal to 10 millimeters.

Important!Preparation of glue should take place according to the instructions that will not allow the adhesive composition to keep the bad stuff tiled.

Immediately after applying the adhesive foam adhered to the wall, using a level.Placement of the material should be very smooth to avoid problems later with a fine surface finish.However, the adhesive composition is not the primary fasteners insulating building material.Considering the final finishing, which will have a certain weight, the material must be fixed efficiently and reliably.

For this purpose, special plastic plugs that are attached to the rough wall through the entire thickness of the foam.At the end of the dowels has a kind of round washer, which will hold the insulation in place.In the center of the dowel has a hole into which a plastic nail is driven.

finishing surface

answer the question of how the facade insulate foam, does not end with the described work.Once all the elements of a heater installed in place and secured, it is necessary to give the glue to dry, after which you can start finishing the finished surface.

most often as a finishing material used putty bark , which is similar to the cement coat, but has a more attractive appearance.Apply a special structure on the surface itself is not a heater, and the grid is fixed plaster, which will not allow the plaster to keep up with the surface of the insulation.

Important! necessary to wait for complete drying of the adhesive to the insulation has not begun to keep up with the rough walls under the weight of new surfacing material.