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August 12, 2017 18:07

Proper installation of slate - the key to quality roof

Slate Installation begins with the preparation of the roof

Before nail slate, it is necessary to carry out preparatory work, which consist in the manufacture and installation of lath.Lath shall be manufactured from the prepared timber, because the nails will be used for slate roofing installation.

Important!During assembly lath is necessary to observe the precautions that are associated with work at height.

crate can be solid or intermediate, but to use the slate is quite suitable second option design.The distance between the individual elements of the timber should not be more than 50 centimeters, because the size of a sheet of roofing material is 53 centimeters.
order to provide thermal insulation properties of the roof structure, under the roofing material must be put rolled roofing material or roofing felt.Among other things, this will prevent the ingress of moisture into the attic space.

Some features of stacking material

Installation Guide Slate provides a ready-made drainage system, which will not allow damage to the roof during installation of sewage pipes.In other words, the master has to worry about the flow system before the run mount slate.

Important!Installation drainage system must be carried out so as not to interfere with the installation work using roofing material.Mounting

roofing slate is carried out on a wooden crate, which is designed so that the sheet material has been designated for it not only to the sides but also in the middle.As a rule, used in the construction material stacking two types:
The scatter;
Offset sheet last wave.
The most common method is considered to be the first fastening material which is to overlay a new sheet to the last wave of the previous roof element.This method of stacking sheets has some drawbacks that are associated with high consumption of material and the fact that the facade of the roof will have to align, cutting off the excess sheets.
second method involves placing sheets of slate accurate trimming corners of the material, which will connect the sheets back to back.This method can safely be considered cost-effective, but it requires much time and labor.

exact roofing stacking technology

Before you begin installing the roof, you need to decide to what to fix slate.As a rule, for this purpose use special nails with wide hats, but in some cases it is better to use screws for slate that sit more securely in the tree.

Important!It is better to spend a little more money to buy the screws than to redo the roof in 5-6 years.

So, the correct installation of the roof is performed in the opposite direction of reading (from right to left).It is worth remembering about the wind.Mounting plates must take into account the location of the edge is on the side from which the wind blows most often.Do not forget that the holes need to be drilled consumables before laying to nail does not split a sheet of roofing material.In addition, under the bonnet fastening element is necessary to lay a rubber band to prevent the possibility of leakage of the roof.