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August 12, 2017 18:07

Installation of staircases and platforms : process features

general definition of structures

Marsh called a continuous series of steps, which are located between the two platforms or levels.The device is slanted staircases, straight and curved.If the staircase has several marches, the first is the name of the starting and the last - the day off.The line, which is in the middle of the march, called the line shoot.This line of standards can not be closer than 30 centimeters from the edge of the useful width.

Based on this rule, we see that the march should be at least 60 centimeters in width.The width depends on the layout, the size of the opening and the intensity of use of the structure.If the march is in the middle of the room under the slope of 40 degrees, the width should be designed for two-way traffic, but it should be handrails on both sides.

Note!The front edge of the tread is lower than the last, so that it picks up moisture can be easily removed from it.

Staircase is a horizontal section which is located between the two marches.Venues are polygonal, quadrangular or curved horizontal projection.Their sizes are designed commensurate with the human step.Usually the same length as the width of the span, and the width equal to the width of the march.Therefore, if marches are perpendicular to each other, the square area if marches parallel - the semi-circular or rectangular area.

Why reinforcement design?

on the march of many factors: the gravity of their own weight, pedestrians carried heavy things.All these forces exert pressure on top of the structure.As a result, the upper part is compressed, and the bottom, on the contrary, is stretched.To strengthen the construction of staircases used reinforcement.This is done in the lower part of the plate, as well as upper and resists corrosion.

Odnomarshevye stairs reinforced only at the bottom, although some developers are doing projects where steel mesh reinforces the upper part.This grid does not add any rigidity, but gives protection from bumps and chips on top.Half-pace stairs have a more complex scheme of reinforcement.This is due to the fact that its own useful and weight make the pressure, which tends to destroy the structure.Therefore, reinforcement occurs at the top and at the bottom, moreover, the upper reinforcement pad smoothly proceeds from a stage.

Note!Stairs get a huge load, so shall be securely attached to the concrete wall.

installation process

Installation staircases begins after the laying of the level of design marks.The staging area and the first span are set on a course of the inner wall of masonry staircase, the second area and the span - after floor laying.All dimensions shall be checked before starting the installation.Then everything is done in the following sequence:

  • mark up space for installation;
  • Place greased bearing solution layer;
  • Set marketplace.

The spirit level is tested and horizontal boundaries of the supporting ribs with platforms.The distance between the sites checked by a special wooden template.laying spans and intermediate floor is also underway.After this, the installation of staircases.It is served with a crane fork.Rests march first to the lower court, and then to the top.If there are slight variations after installation, their breakage can be eliminated.

Note!If you omit the first structure on the upper platform, it can be broken or jammed between the pads.