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August 12, 2017 18:07

The roof of roofing material - approaches to different types of roofs

characteristics of roofing material as the roofing material

In the above article we will try to answer the question of how to cover the roof with roofing material, and that it represents.Roofing material - a waterproofing building material, available commercially in the form of rolls.It is resistant to atmospheric conditions and can be used as a separate roof, providing protection from the rain and ultraviolet radiation.

In addition, the roof of a material is durable, easy to withstand temperature changes.Compared with other types of coatings it is cheap, and the operating costs for the maintenance of the roof in good condition practically reduced to zero.

the significant disadvantages of roofing material can be attributed to inadequate aesthetic appearance.In addition, a cardboard base, which marked impregnation, rots over time, and all of the material loses its properties - the roof needs to be repaired.How is the roof repair of the roofing material, will be discussed below.

Preparing for roofing works with roofing felt

technology of roofing material stacking means carrying out preparatory work followed by surface coating.In the case of a gable roof preparatory work for the establishment of crates held simultaneously with the laying of roofing material.It should be reserved in advance long enough ladder, batten boards, hacksaw, hammer and nails.

Several other training needs roof repair roofing material garage.The first thing you need to get rid of old coatings, which need a well sharpened chisel, a knife and an ax.At the top of the roof with an ax made the incision, then a chisel or knife to hook the old coating, after which it is removed before the concrete base.

And finally, when the surface is ready, you can begin to address the fundamental question - how to cover the roof with roofing material. In the case of a gable roof is more convenient to use the board, the length of which more than two hops between the rafters .

Standing in the attic, a board nailed to the outside of the rafters in their lower part.Above it - a second.And so gradually rises until the width of the battens will not be equal to the width of the roll of roofing material.Now you can proceed to the shelter of the serial lathing material itself.

roofing tar paper - how to lay the roof?

On the prepared crate fastened roofing material, and then continue its construction up the rafters.Each subsequent sheet is superimposed on top of the previous lap.Thus, automatically solve the problem, how to put roofing felt, because the water in such packing will drain downward without getting into the joints.

Last Leaf will have to attach to the outside, and it's best to do it, riding a horse at home.

In the case of laying the concrete base of the roof material is as follows.In the dried and cleaned surface with a roller or brush applied sealant.After it is completely dry you can begin to cover with roofing material.

Normally stacking is done in two layers - the first litter and the second major.The coating is carried out in the same way - from the bottom of the roof.Gas burners warm up mastic and roofing material itself, preventing it from overheating.

Heated leaf imposed on mastic and laminating roller, carefully removing air bubbles.The top layer is applied only after the complete drying of the bottom.In a brief article can not describe all the details of implementation of the mentioned works, however, if desired, additional visual information, how to cover the roof with roofing material, the video will receive in full.