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August 12, 2017 18:07

Facing the facade of granite - especially finishing work study

Facing granite - familiarity with a variety of material

If the clay-rich illite and kaolinite, high pressure compressed, and then burn them at a temperature of more than a thousand degrees, you get a unique material with properties not inferior to natural granite.This material, called granite, manufactured and used as a lining material for interior finishing and facade work.

more decorative species is glazed porcelain tiles.It is carried out with the help of granite cladding interior.This makes sense in view of the optimal ratio of cost and quality.But if the financial side allows, it can also be used matte, polished or satin lining types.

as flooring looks great structured porcelain tiles, imitating the appearance of parquet natural wood, leather or natural stones.Amazing strength of the material, which can withstand loads of up to two hundred kilograms per square centimeter, guarantees long-term coating operation.

granite facade cladding - material characteristics

Most often, this material is in the form of tiles of a square or rectangular shape, the minimum hand size is fifteen centimeters.For facade usually larger plates are used.Such panels can be up to 3.6 meters in length and 1.2 m in height.

To install the lining of a plate used special metal skeleton subsystem for granite or adhesives for such work.This feature of the application associated with the physical properties of the material.

With very high resistance to frost, granite just does not stay on the grounds of cementitious compositions.By the way, frost natural raw materials (granites and their derivatives) in the order of magnitude worse.

Ceramic granites have a solid color and the structure of the pattern in all solid, very strong and durable, which is achieved due to the high resistance to the active chemicals.Shock of this class of materials is significantly higher than that of granite.Across the thickness of the material no microcracks, although, according to experts, even the jewels are like.

With a set of advantages, granite is used for flooring, interior cladding, fa├žade cladding.However, the above feature of the materials requires at facade works apply special systems and formulations.Such solutions are quite allow installation of ventilated facades, but, obviously, have a high cost.So increasingly used for public buildings.

Wall granite - the main aspects of the work

When using this material for interior applications, granite wall cladding carried out by the same rules and principles as the laying of the usual ceramic tile.Held the selection of material for drawing, the necessity of forming and trimming the number of a number, etc.Lighthouses, horizon exhibited as well.

as a communication basis for the work in interiors can be used cement compositions, but should be fine universal adhesives, and mixtures thereof.Currently, there is a great variety of special formulations for use with porcelain tiles.When choosing guided by their tile mass on the surface of the material base of masonry, etc.

tool applies the same as for conventional tiling.Perhaps the hallmark of such works may be the need for a special grout, they offer a lot of different manufacturers.

should also be noted that the granite facing of the plinth has its own characteristics.As this external work, and in this case, for lining cages for ventilated facades often used.When installing scaffolds attention paid to the quality of laying insulation, the presence of air gaps.Installing porcelain stoneware tiles is carried on the frame.As you can see, performing arts and tile protective cap facing the building.