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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to strengthen the decking on the roof - you can learn on their own

How to fix the decking on the roof or why it?

sheeting is used for decoration, not only the roof, but the walls, fences and other things.But this option has a reinforced roof formula that helps to withstand heavy loads, so that protection of the head is sufficiently reliable.For this reason and growing popularity of profiled steel.It is also noted ease of roofing, material sheets are easy to handle, lightweight, but strong, so truss system can be enhanced options that will accelerate the construction of the roof.

Fixing the roof sheeting possible even when the roof pitch is small.This is another advantage of this roof, because some materials can not be laid at an angle.Also, the modern technology of production of these steel sheets provide a variety of options for protection against corrosion, so they will serve longer.

How to fix the decking on the roof, even a beginner will understand the builder, because this material is not intricate, easy to cut and bolted.There are no problems with the installation, even when the frost on the street, that still adds another plus to its properties.On the merits, you can talk a lot, but it's time to pay attention to the main subject of the article.

start to fix the roof decking

First material is spread out in the right order and position, it needs to understand the rules overlapping sheets, depending on the angle of the roof.It is not difficult and involves only a few digits.The greater the slope of the roof, the smaller is the overlap.When a slope less than 15 degrees is the greatest overlap -.. About 20 cm When the angle is 30 degrees, this figure has only 10-15 cm If critical angle is small, about 10 degrees, it will require additional sealing of all the laps.

also looking for information on how to strengthen the decking on the roof, you can not miss the question of crate .Its size depends directly on all the roof inclination and size of the corrugations of the steel sheet.The greater the height of the corrugations, the wider step crates.The same relationship exists for the angle of the higher slope of the roof, the more step.

should be noted that the angle and height of the corrugation affect the number of waves in the ceiling.If the wave is small, and the angle is small, it is used for covering at least 2 waves.

Mount sheeting on the roof - a key point

Actually, lathing is done, sheets marked up, it's time to go directly to the fixture.In order to properly attach the roof decking, it is better to use special bolts - roof screws .They are executed with a comfortable hat, which can tighten and use of mechanical devices.Also at the end there is a drill to make a hole which can be profiled without the chance of a marriage breakdown or a sheet.Another screw is insulation under the bonnet and a special coating on the cap, which will protect the entire system from moisture, corrosion, UV rays, and thus extend the life.

basic rule when mounting the corrugated - bolts are fastened only at depression.Screws on the main part of the roof and on the ridge are different in length, will last longer.If you tighten the screws you choose manually, carefully count the power, it is important not to win, not to damage the insulation.Also nedokruchivat impossible, because, in principle, the roof will not perform its basic protective function.

now about how to properly attach the roof decking.If your sheets along the length of the ramp completely cover the roof, then without any problems, they are fastened with screws so that are parallel to the eaves.It should be borne in mind in order that still need to supply about 4 cm to hang over the roof.If the sheets are shorter in length than the ramp, you have to beat them in several rows.Then you have to start from the bottom row and move to the top, putting the top row to the bottom with an overlap of about 20 cm.