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August 12, 2017 18:07

Screws for metal - you need to know for a successful installation ?

Why is it important to make a correct installation?

Metal - material that is used as a decorative coating, quite light and plastic, looks to the same expensive and attractive.Extensive lists allow you to do styling with a minimum number of joints, which is why experts and consumers say their high strength and effectiveness of protection from precipitation.

correctly held assembly, which greatly affects the service life, is a multi-step, each item must be carried out without fail.Thus, the first insulation structures conducted usually material placed between the rafters.Next, waterproofing is carried out, which can be combined with a vapor barrier.The next item is the competent installation of hooks for gutters, and eaves batten strips.

Knowing the simple rules of metal packing, observing safety rules, you can get a great result.Calculate the consumption of screws for metal tiles is easy enough to remember the rule "at least six screws per meter."To work with metal tile use screws with rubber lining, front fasteners may be needed in some cases.

screws and screws for metal

self-tapping screws on the ridge should be used at the first stage, preparing the surface of the work.They allow you to align the sheets on the roof, they must first fix in a few places and start the hard work.

can also be used self-tapping screws and bolts, they need to secure special designs, which will be given to high blood pressure (eg, snegozaderzhivayuschee device).

Interestingly, in recent years screws for metal almost completely replaced the usual nails.This is due to the fact that working with screws is much faster, and the result exceeds all expectations.Modern materials allow the creation of practical and durable accessory for use with the roof.They are not prone to rust and retain their function for years to come.

task screws - to ensure water-resistance to the entire period of operation of the roof.If the surface of the unpleasant changes begin to occur, you can easily unscrew the screw and carry out the necessary repair work without damaging the roof.

sealing washers, which are sold in the kit, are also designed to ensure the reliability and additional protection.

How to fasten metal roofing - some practical advice

Ideally, these small but very important parts are made of stainless steel.Also allowed the option of using carbon steel screws, which is a distinctive feature of the zinc coating.Understand, how to fasten metal roofing , just a few minutes, this is the most important accessories for the convenience of modern construction and finishing.

To all the work has passed the most easy, you must first calculate the number of sheets, screws and washers, as well as to acquire special equipment that allows you to quickly pick up on the roof of large sheets.

In the lower part of the wave is attached roofing screw, if you listen to the advice of the manufacturer, it is possible to understand that the best option - mounting produced in the trough of the wave.That is, going step by step and advance scheduling the place screwing fasteners, metal roofing can be quickly set up and enjoy a secure roof, which is not afraid of rain and wind.