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August 12, 2017 18:07

Exterior Primer - caring about the " appearance" of your home

Why use primer for facade?

primer for exterior use is valued primarily for its high quality features.It is responsible for major tenants operational requirements: resistant to temperature changes, is harmless to humans, is not afraid of rain.

From advantages from the construction point of view it may be noted that it reduces the demand for applied after the finishing composition, strengthens the surface, adheres well to the wall, do not miss the moisture inside, but lets out steam or condensate.In addition, it allows you to save considerably on preparatory and finishing works.But there is such a primer is much more than usual.

Variety facade primer

Selecting this finishing material, always remember that there are several types:

  • Plain exterior primer has the basic characteristics of the coating, but no more.
  • harbored primer securely masks dirt and stains on the surface is prepared, creates a completely white surface when applied to dark areas.Perfect as a base for various paints, construction putty, textured coatings.It is also non-flammable, which ensures safety when in contact with a spark or open flame.
  • Primer deep penetration used for the preparation of wooden or mineral coating to a paint and plaster works.Due to its quality characteristics it penetrates deep into the surface and is a good link.It also allows you to fix loose plaster, increases wear resistance, reduces the negative effects of the environment, improves the adhesion of paints and adhesives.

And a couple of words about the variety.Primer is divided as in the degree of strength of the alkyd (nerazbavlyaemaya, has a good degree of impregnation and provides a high level of adhesion) and acrylic (diluted with water).The primer made water-based or solvent, can be either transparent or colored (pigmented) in any color.There is an option to purchase or concentrate solution, or a complete, immediately diluted in the required proportions, a primer.

recently went on sale microbicidal front primer (impeding the development of bacteria spoiling materials, moss and mold) and anti-corrosion (mainly for metal surfaces).Now you can go to work.

primer for facade - features work

  1. Before applying make sure to carefully align the work surface special coarse sandpaper and clean the wall of dirt and spots where you have to finish the corners.
  2. If you use the concentrate, then dilute it with water in strict proportion.In no case not use organic solvents .Now pour the composition into a comfortable open container.
  3. primer for facade uniformly applied to the surface with a roller (the entire main plane) and a small brush (in remote location of activation), the corners carefully stained.When priming wary eye contact solution.In case of contact rinse immediately with water.
  4. After work, wash and clean the tools.Excess primer if it does not concentrate can be drained back into the container.The diluted concentrate is preferably not reused.
  5. For best effect primed two or more times.The drying time of the solution in average ranges from 1 to 4 hours at a temperature of 20 degrees.Remember that on the front primer better not to save.Otherwise, you risk not achieve the desired effect and get a poor quality surface.