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August 12, 2017 18:07

Types of ceramic tiles - provide good knowledge of assembly

What can we give a ceramic tile?

Quality Roofing conduct - a pledge not only a beautiful roof, but also a reliable protection at home.Ceramic tile option used by people since ancient times, when it was discovered that the clay particles during calcination are incredibly strong, it became clear that they can use to protect their homes.

Despite the huge number of other options for roofing material, it is a natural ceramic tile is very popular.Classical beauty, style and versatility make this material one of the best options for the design of the roof at home.In Europe, every second house is covered with tiles of ceramic.

Generally, the material is made of baked clay pottery alloy plastic colorants.The main advantages of shingles include durability, in compliance with all rules of installation and mounting material can last for about 20-30 years.Tile ceramic superbly insulates the house from the noise and cold, impervious to water and sediments.

What you need to know before going to work?

quality roof of ceramic tiles is resistant to temperature changes, it does not matter which area was carried out installation of shingles.During installation virtually no waste is produced, so repairs are quick and easy, it does not require much effort costs.

As you know, for the success of the repair work necessary to prepare the surface carefully and take all the necessary tools.The specialist must check the straightness of the truss and purlins - the basis of the work - must be perfectly flat.A variety of ceramic tiles not only affects the appearance, but also on the mounting method.

are divided into types on her lobe type (element, the cell) and the type of coverage.According to the first criterion distinguishes flat, grooves, wavy and grooved.And the second - natural, with glazed and engobed.

type of tile coating gives it advantages in the face of time.Natural tile is left unprotected, so over time faster than the other and covered with a patina lose a beautiful brown-red color.Engobed already has chemical additives that help to form not only a slightly different color, but also to protect against rapid aging.Glaze contains in its outer coating glass, which is better than other methods of protection against aging, because they do not miss a single gram of moisture.

petal type not only affects the classification of the tiles, but also on the mounting method.Slot tile allows you to cover the roof of a qualitatively simple form, without bending, and other intricate differences.But in other cases it does not provide protection against moisture, and will require bezpazovaya tiles of all the options.

When laying flat tile will have to make a big overlap, perhaps even within the same series, and grabbing two or three.But wavy grooves and allows to make packing easier and faster.But grooved characterized in that per unit area will require twice as much material as formally laid in two layers due to the presence of grooves.But it provides a home ventilation.This species - a privilege of the rich in the West.

to work you need to prepare a wooden board, the amount of which will correspond to the length of the roof, screwdriver, saw for cutting materials of desired length, pliers, which will help to give the material the desired shape.

Complete instructions for installation of ceramic tiles - direct guide to action.This tab will affect the type of installation techniques, so it is advisable to study the accompanying documents.In practice, even a novice will be able to put their own tile, if it will help to prepare the surface and make the guide.

Features ceramic roof mounting

It should be remembered that ceramic tiles from - fairly brittle material, it is by careless handling may crack and just fall apart.In each tile has drilled mounting holes, it is with their help it is attached to the sheathing screws.

When creating crates carefully correlate the length of the roof of a number of how many elements to fit tiles, and the places where she had found mounting holes, they must lie exactly on the crate.The first row of screws is better to have prepared in accordance with the scheme, so can avoid installation errors, do painting and even to work much faster.Rows of tiles are placed on each other, starting from the bottom.All subsequent fall on him with a slight overlap.

an important role in choosing the design of the roof tiles plays its slope.In fact, the device of the roof of ceramic tiles depends on the type of roof, its inclination and space, which will need to register.

If the slope exceeds 60 degrees, it is necessary to pay attention to the strengthening of the tile, it can be done by means of fixing the building compositions.Special designs that can be purchased in DIY stores can protect the roof from a large load in the winter, when snow accumulates on the surface.