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August 12, 2017 18:07

Operated roof : general characteristics

construction principles operated roof

roof with additional operation performs a different function.Its quality and durability of use depend on the correctness of the original arrangement of roofing pie.It is important to clearly define the quality of the roof and its exact to withstand the load.These calculations are best left to the designer.It is with the help of independent computer calculation or provide data on the amount of weight possible to be placed on the roof surface, the optimal variant of the material and method of the roof.

Operated roof performs different functions

Before developers to get up-to-date, and the main question, which is able to withstand the weight of the cake roofing flat roof?A: 25 tons per square meter.Of course, roofing materials require heavy-duty quality.
During operation, the roof is constantly under the influence of ultraviolet rays.Used building materials are applied to the characteristic "Yultrafioletovo-stable".
load on the surface of a flat roof is the pressure that are placed on it elements: car, motion, moving, man.

roof load consists of many construction details

Classification operated roof

Roof cake consists of several layers.Its main function - protecting the room from getting wet.It consists of roof insulation and waterproofing layer.Waterproof film is laid on the floor insulation, not allowing excess moisture to penetrate the material (mineral wool) and protecting it from evaporation, dampness and mold.This installation extends the life of the roof and is called inversion (constructed in reverse order).

Driving roofing pie

is important to note: quality roofing turn at the correct and most exact calculation of the roof load.You must know the functional features being built roof.During the construction of parking (which has a maximum load) are selected expensive materials of impeccable quality.When developers responsible approach operated roof does not require repairs over several decades.

Inverted roof

There is a traditional type of roof pie.It includes in its structure:

  • PEM;
  • interlayers separator and filter;
  • Drainage profile film;
  • waterproof carpet;
  • The layer of insulation;
  • Vapor;
  • cement-sand layer;
  • The layer that creates the slope;
  • WAGs plate.

so-called "pie" roof forms centers, performing tasks:

  1. slope Education.Its parameters can have up to 3 percent of the value.He cares about the water runoff.When designing its incorrect precipitation will form a cluster and will be able to gradually destroy building materials roof.To create the angle used:
    • concrete;
    • slag;
    • expanded clay and leveling screed.
  2. waterproofing assembly.Its mission - to protect against leakage.Material moisture protection - film and hermetic adhesives (often used IZOSPAN).Period of application - up to half a century.Properties:
    • resistant to stress;
    • resistant to stretching.
  3. Insulating layer.Use insulation.The goal - to keep the heat inside the room and do not miss the heat in summer.A layer of insulation should not pass moisture.In the event of a leak - ceiling rooms appear condensate, resulting in the inevitable repairs.
  4. drainage layer.Its function - drainage.The drainage layer has the form of a nucleus and a kind of filter.Its structure is made of geotextiles, expanded clay and profiled film.

The structure of the drainage mat

Advantages and disadvantages of different types operated roof

positive qualities inversion roofing systems:

  1. layer of insulation is capable of distributing uniformly the heat and help protect the waterproofing layer from temperature fluctuations
  2. The use of mineral wool Epps for insulationcharacterized by low price

    Mineral wool

  3. Installing insulation operated roof can be carried detached from waterproofing

Negative traits:

  1. lack of ability to use funds for cotton insulation layer
  2. Drainage occurs through special funnel with a complex structure.This contributes costly purchases
  3. Epps can not use the load on the individual sections
  4. Epps has a flammable surface.It should be protected with an extra layer of soil, concrete

Traditional operated roof, its advantages:

  1. It can be used with any type of insulation
  2. use of non-flammability of thermal insulation materials


  1. short-term use
  2. Waterproofing foil Roof piehas a large weight by weight mineral wool

Lines operated roof intended

for the main tasks of the roof is divided into:

  • terraces.They have a different finish - artificial or natural.They are used as sports courts, recreation grounds.The top coat is laid on extra: Sidewalk plates are placed on the floor sand-cement embankment.Drainage of the roof presented a tank or hopper.
    The structure of the roof - terrace
  • flat roof.It is a green option with vegetable plantations (lawns, flower beds).Be sure to properly organize the plant root system and select the appropriate soil layer for them.Drain funnel presented.
  • Parking roof.Their goal - accommodation car park.Such roofs have a high load on the roof surface.High-strength materials are used for them.Roof parking
  • Operated roof with pedestrian lanes.They are combined areas: recreation, parking.Roof areas with combined