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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to make a hole in the country : myths and reality

What you should not do on their own

Happy owners of cottages in horticultural associations, which in Soviet times attended distributing collective water supply system, this article can not read.The urgent problem of autonomous water supply and personal well drilling for water occurs more often than the residents of the new town settlements.

The well at the cottage

Make, hammer, drill down to, of course, it is tempting, but do not forget three important points:

  • such works must be preceded by serious hydrological surveys of areas to fulfill their need specialists, without determining the depth and evaluationflow rate of underground water aquifers in the country will not work or will flow out of the tap liquid incomprehensible;
  • to drill wells without special equipment and technological support is unreal;if you really want to do something yourself, dig a well, and the well leave the professionals;
  • arrangement of complex hydraulic structures (installation of casing pipes, installation of pumping systems, filters, or concrete caisson wells) are also best left to professionals.

It turns out that at this stage, the accumulated and unclaimed urban construction itch no use to anyone.Do not worry, most of the preparatory work prior to and in many ways to solve complex problems do aquifer wells in the country, sometimes have to perform himself, but for greater reliability and safety of their own hands.

Technical drilling wells conditions

assume that the first step to create an autonomous water supply system at the site of his country has already passed.The depth and flow of underground aquifers defined place and inclination drilling wells designated on the design scheme.Then comes a great burmashina, for her work you will need to provide the following conditions ( read carefully ).
Machine drilling

  • convenient entry to the site for the machine, ten times greater than the weight and three dimensional parameters of your personal car.
  • spacious, cleared area, the exact dimensions of a prompt for a construction company, but the usual practice of 4x9 meters. All beds, hammocks and gazebos remove from this area, even with tears.
  • Tall trees, electric wires have to hack.The height of a standard drill mast is typically less than 10 m, but if you take into account the need to build the casing (6 m), the cutting area can be increased.

Here you have three excellent reason to do something useful in the regeneration of wells and for their loved ones of pure artesian water.We advise not particularly zealous, because most of the damage in the area and will do fine without your participation.Ideally, after all the drilling we have a guaranteed output pressure provided by the pump and the corresponding power outlet, which can power the whole water system.But the purity and ecological properties of the well is no guarantee groundwater - they are unpredictable.

How well do the smart thing

No claims for the ultimate truth, just a thought on the subject.Many of the recommendations are often found in networks, seem to us sometimes funny, often absurd, but worthy of discussion.

  • Where do well.The options offered are many, seditious one - in the house.Any engineering system is powered on not very reliable external power, it requires constant maintenance and sometimes costly repairs.Breaking brownies overlap due to breakdowns in filters and pumping equipment - utter nonsense.
  • how far away .The answer is obvious: there, where they found water.Removal from the house 3 m or compost heaps 100 m equally ridiculous.So far, not all of our citizens have plots of 1.5 hectares, and the distal outlet pipe is easily compensated by cheaper external wiring of HDPE pipes.
  • how deep to drill .Question and complicated and fun.Zaburivaemsya, while from the kitchen faucet in the country is not an acceptable flow for water consumption.Rate it sanitary quality at SanPin help employees Sanitary Control, and find a suitable aquifer - drillers.

In any case, independent water supply - that's fine, but those 50 or 100 thousand rubles, which will have to spend to make a hole in the water and to equip it properly, the scale of generations of absolute nothing..