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August 12, 2017 18:07

Green roof - beautiful aesthetics and excellent performance ?

roof greening is of two types: intensive and extensive

Intensive gardening is well suited for design of restaurants, houses, office buildings, business centers, penthouses.With the help of such a system on the roof creates a unique "oasis", the plant area, which often lay track, planted bushes and trees.That is, embodies the ideas of landscape design.

Extensive landscaping is the easiest way to design roofs that do not require follow-up care.This system is used both on sloping or on flat roofs.This may be the roof garages, apartment buildings, shopping centers.Planted a mixture of several varieties of perennial plants that do not require mowing and watering.

Greening roofs, advantages

«Gardening is not only used for aesthetic purposes, but also in practical» .Tell us about the main advantages of this procedure.

  • becomes possible realization of any ideas of landscape design.You can "to lay" its roof as the beautiful flowers and trees and this grass carpet.Select plants for landscaping in accordance with individual needs, as well as climatic conditions.
  • Implemented roof protection from damage due to the fact that it creates an additional layer that separates the surface of the possible impacts.Repair a roof is necessary much less frequently than usual.
  • provides additional insulation.Green areas prevent the surface heating, so the summer is cool and winter warmth vice versa.
  • This cover makes the house much more environmentally friendly, since absorbs harmful radiation.Besides it helps eliminate microbial flora and significantly increases the humidity.
  • is a great way of noise absorption.When this plant is taken high frequency, and the soil layer - is low.

By the way, when you make the design of the roof, you can immediately take care of the facade.This is usually picked up the façade plaster, tile or other finishing materials.When choosing a plaster better to pay attention to the elastic, it does not crack, can withstand any weather phenomena and long retains its original appearance.

Technology landscaping

roofs, depending on the desired result and the type of roof technology can be: for flat roofs and roofs with a slope.In the first embodiment, on the cleaned surface of the roof laid kornezaschitnuyu film.It is designed to protect against moisture and base plants roots.

Drains are left open, and when they close the geotextile.Then put the plant mat, which regulates the level of the fluid, nourishes the plants, prevents the roots from freezing in winter, cool surface.On top of this mat lay zemlesmes (future "green carpet").

In the second case a prerequisite is the use of a special grid, which is mounted on the roof, but it is necessary to fill the cell substrate.And only after that you can start planting.

Of course, there are some other technologies, for example, roll coating with a base polymer.It is soldered to the base roof.But, whatever technology you choose, you should definitely be consulted with a specialist.