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August 12, 2017 18:07

Installation of metal on a wooden crate

Basic principles of installation of wooden crates

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feature wooden crates - a solid foundation under the flooring of metal roof.The quality of its installation affects the long-term operation of the roof, leaks and regular repairs.Its installation includes a number of component factors, ranging from the careful calculations and calculations and ending with the selection of professional materials, fastening parts.Weighty importance is the timely consultation with a specialist.

widespread batten material called rough planks with parameters thickness of 300 millimeters.Allowed and 0.25 centimeters.The first mounting principle - to measure the desired board thickness.The second - is necessary for the smooth surface of metal roofing.The evenness of the surface plane of the easily measured level.The presence of irregularities should be immediately eliminated.They affect the troughs in the roof of stale snow and further lead to leakage.Particular attention is paid to the joints of tiles, they are able to pass the increased degree of moisture in the insulation.

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Note: Obreshetochnaya board with a thickness of less than 0.3 centimeters is not able to withstand the load of the roof.When the repair work on the roof is often a person.And durable roof should withstand the weight.

starting the installation of wooden crates antecedent:

  1. Determine the type of roof and metal.Tile has its own characteristics and location of the nuances of wooden crates
  2. metal type makes it clear distance required between the boards lathing (thickness, pitch and height of the ribs indicate the necessary fixings frequency)
  3. boards cornice located more closely to each other than the top center
  4. Determine the anglethe slope of the roof eaves and the size of the installation.Provide drain rainfall
  5. Measure the distance between the boards lathing - from the lowest at the board to the highest
  6. Set cornice board with the parameters of the thickness larger than the others, she is the main support piece of metal
  7. boards battens are attached to the rafter installation (on truss "legs").Metal should not sag between the rafters

Important note: Fixing the roof valley to affect the order of installation batten - it does not begin with fixing the bottom and the top.

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Sequential assembly under the metal crates

circuit before mounting battens and the immediate installation of metal, is available with a few recommendations.

first recommendation for installing battens says that should start with the calculations and measurements of the roof parameters and the required number of stroietlnogo material.Crate ideally has parameters:

  • rafter beam with a cross section 5/15 centimeters
  • smallest obreshetochnaya board - 3/10 centimeters
  • Kontrobreshetochnaya board - 3/5 centimeters
  • distance roof installations - 60-90 centimeters

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second recommendation is related to the beginning of the installation.Originally a wooden board attached horizontally, exactly along the eaves.Cornice board with parameters more than others and a half centimeters.

then fastened the second board.The gap between the eaves and it should be small (approximately 30 cm) to five centimeters smaller than the other.After that, the installation of all other boards lathing.

important condition is considered to be an even flow of water from the eaves.It depends on the accuracy of laying the first two boards, eaves and following it.Do not mistake a proven help, "popular" method: put two parallel wooden planks, fastened them to the situation of a distance from each other and applying a sheet of metal.Put the resulting structure at an angle and pour the water.Too fast flow will cause an overflow gutter of the roof.Too small - damage to the front of the board and the wall.

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Measurement is carried out construction tape.

After mounting furring strips end design is made, skate and wind turbines (height of 30-50 mm from the metal surface).

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construction drainage installation

After installing battens begins installation of drainage systems.Cantilevered attached to the eaves of the board - an ad hoc basis under the downspouts.Originally mounted two outer arm, which slope - 5 mm per 1 meter length of gutter.Between the two arms stretched thread, which helps to set the rest of the brackets at the same level.

After their completion, you are ready for assembly and installation Cornice strip of metal.

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Additional rules to help in the installation of wooden crates

correct stacking crates promotes proper roof metal tile.This will ensure an accurate and well-aimed fastening screws in board crates.Systematic roof will cover rising above the head fastening elements.Pawn proper attachment - the exact definition of a wave tile, its size.In most cases, a solid construction crate, which has a higher price and has an impressive weight.

recommend doing calculations on a wave width, the length of the metal, the valley settings.

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Details are available on the video in the next tab.