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August 12, 2017 18:08

Device Bulgarian : inside the main tool of the builder ?

device grinders - help Master

To understand how arranged Bulgarian, master should be familiar with the basic principle of operation of the tool.Using the electric energy by the engine working machine.A special gear motor transmits its rotation on a steel shaft, which is attached to the cutting or grinding wheel.High reliability of cutting the work depends on the number of the cutting disk rotations per minute.Bulgarian professional can perform up to 11,000 revolutions per minute.

Important!When choosing the right tool is to compare its power and number of revolutions.

Bulgarian Disassembly will see all of its components.So, is this unit from:

  • plastic housing, which is made of two parts;
  • electric motors certain power;
  • reducer, which rotates the cutting disc.
  • All other components of this instrument does not have the structural subtleties that can affect the quality of work done.

Work on dismantling and assembling the device

Before disassemble grinders, you need to think about whether it is necessary?Such action will only be required when faults occur grinders.Typically, these defects are due to the fact that the tool is trying to run, but he can not.In such cases, it is not necessary to disassemble the entire unit, because of this, nothing will change.The problem may lie in the fact that istёrlis graphite brushes are located on both sides of the body.

These brushes just need to unscrew and replace.Wriggle out of these elements with the help of a simple screwdriver that does not require a full analysis of the housing.But if it becomes necessary to replace the gear or gear, you have to completely disassemble the instrument.

Important!When disassembly is necessary to remember the plastic snap on to the tool body so as not to break them.

In order to properly parse the cutting machine, follow this procedure:

  1. First you need to release the tool from the cutting disc and the clamping washer.Thereafter, the protective cover is removed and which is fixed a clamp means.
  2. now be turned out all the screws that connect the two parts of the plastic casing.If you have twisted all the screws and the body are not disconnected, do not be nervous and break the plastic.Just under one of the seals affixed stayed an extra screw.
  3. When the body was opened, it is not necessary to shake out of it all the contents.Simply remove one part of the lid, leaving the motor and all its components are in place.Gearbox change is quite simple.It is necessary to pull it out and replace it with a new one.

tool assembly is complicated disassembly

Before you assemble grinders, make sure that all the parts are in their rightful place.It often happens that the master forgets to install one of the spacers or washers, which leads to the inoperative instrument or its rapid deterioration. Important!In a twist on the plastic cover of the screws need to try to get into the very hole where screws were originally.

Collect machine must be on the opposite side of the gearbox.This will allow smoother tool held on the desktop.After final assembly you need to see if the table any parts left, and then test the functionality of the device.