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Equipment And Tools

August 12, 2017 18:08

What tool is needed for drywall work to be quality ?

Electricity to help us

tool for plasterboard work is divided into manual, electric and collateral.Let's start with an overview of the electrical devices.The main tool - a screwdriver.For home use will be simple enough Electroscrew or small drill a little-known, low-cost company.If you need to run often, you should buy a screwdriver, which is specially designed to work with plasterboard and preferably a good firm.This machine will provide the speed, quality and ease of handling.

Tip!For home use there is no reason to buy expensive professional tools.

tool for drywall can not be imagined without the gun.Choose it should be on the same principles as the screwdriver.Particular attention should be paid to ensure that there were three modes of operation: drilling, hammer and chipping.These modes are, in many respects, and will facilitate a more comfortable work.It is also better to choose a punch with lightweight and comfortable grip.These same qualities, combined with a variable speed, and should have a wiring drill.Variable speed is needed, because the installation profile is often necessary to work with the metal substrate.

for drywall device must necessarily include and jigsaw or hand-held circular saw.These tools are needed to cut the required profiles and working with wooden bars, which is made from a crate.Select is on convenience and your personal preferences.Tools for gypsum board should include Electroscissors used for mounting metal structures in large volumes.

Hand Tools Drywall

Scissors should be made of good steel, since a large number of works with metal constructs falls on them.They are especially needed for mounting round and ellipsoidal ceiling.Scissors there are three types: straight, right and left, and to choose them is exclusively for your needs and convenience.

Another important tool - roulette, without which it will not do no work.When it is selected should pay attention to the width and length.The most comfortable are considered roulette 5 meters and a width of 19 to 25 millimeters.It is advisable to choose a tool with a two-component or rubberized housing that protects from damage if dropped.Also very useful is the magnetic hook.

knife drywall should be segmented blade thickness of 18 millimeters.They are divided into knives with retractable stopper, screw stopper and with locking system. Tip!Experts recommend choosing a knife with a metal frame, handle with a rubber grip and blade screw stopper.

few more important hand tools:

  • Knife Saw - sharpening should be sharp, convenient handle and double-row teeth.
  • Hammer - carpenter is considered the most convenient, light-weight with a handle;
  • Mounting belt - it will allow rational use of all the tools while working;
  • Edge planer for plasterboard - is required for chamfering at an angle of 45ยบ.The choice available with plastic and wooden handle;
  • Grinding planer for plasterboard - used for the treatment of the cut edges of the material.You should choose a high-quality blade thickness of 1 millimeter.


Related tools are designed to simplify the work.These include: building markers and pencils for marking, Prosekatel for construction fixation otbivochnogo cords to mark the ceiling and walls, profile boards for alignment profiles, and many others.A more detailed list of necessary things can be, based on the specifics of the work.

should also like to say about the level, because the accuracy of the installation executable depends on it.It is possible to apply different length levels from 60 to 220 centimeters.Also just need to have gidrouroven for horizontal alignment.Very convenient if levels will be a magnetic tape, which will facilitate the installation of metal structures.So we reviewed all that is needed for the installation of plasterboard and more precise choice will depend on your personal preferences.

Note!To work with large volumes in large areas are best to use a laser level.