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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to use leveling - the basis of marking territory

principle of Geodesy at the site

When performing staked plans need to be determined with a difference of heights of several points on the surface areas and the mark, which is considered to be conditional level (often the level of the sea or pond).The most common work with geodetic leveling and rails, allowing to define and implement the geometric leveling (being the difference between the heights).

In this case, the optical axis is horizontal leveling, and from the point of the conditional level of height difference are indications according to the markings on the rails.During the works, each such point is located at a distance of a hundred meters from the point of leveling the installation, its level is measured at least three times, and the arithmetic mean value.Based on these data plans pieces of land under construction.Thus, the purpose of leveling and is to determine the height difference in the measurement points (exceedances).

Considering the principle of leveling, not to mention an important element - leveling (geodesic) rail.This is a special bracket that is installed vertically in the points for the measurement of height on the ground.It can be wood, metal (usually aluminum).

for easy transport (due to its standard length of three to four meters) rack design allows folding in half, has a special unit.More recent versions have rails execution telescopic sliding design.

required set of tools for measuring

On the sides of the standard leveling rod is usually applied grading: from the front marking is performed in the metric measuring system, and on the reverse side - in inch.Before working with levels, the rake is set a special mark on the underside of the metal bracket to the center of the measuring point.

For convenience, there is a special handle to hold the tool at this point.In qualitative rails (as a rule, they are made of special iron-nickel alloy called Invar) have special bubble levels to control the vertical position of the slats.

When working on the ground with the initial study suggests development is very important to conduct a comprehensive modeling of the future facility in the "Physical" interaction with the surrounding architecture and the natural landscape, why there is a leveling and leveling rod, serving in this case as a reference tool setting scale.

photographic technology of measuring points with the transfer of the real scale of values ​​as the data for computer programs (Photoshop, AutoCAD) enables to simulate the object and its interaction with the surrounding landscape.

Species leveling

In order not to make mistakes and know how to use the levels, you need to understand its structure and focus in the existing forms, at least in general terms.The most common optical levels may have varying degrees of accuracy.In general, their design includes telescopes, with the obligatory presence of a special (cylindrical), a level that allows to control the level of the optical axis.

his image through a prism optical system is projected in the optics of the telescope and is constantly monitored in this way.working with leveling guide explains how to configure the device for measurement.Special screw mechanisms (including Elevating, azimuth, Podstavochny) ensure accuracy put up the horizon.The device is installed on a special tripod having a rotation axis.

more accurate measurements, reducing the error in determining the distance between the measurement points, provide digital versions of leveling.But such devices require the rack with special bar codes, providing automatic data logging microprocessors.

How is this work with leveling, videos presented on the web, can quite elaborate.In the absence of such strips, these options are used as optical leveling.

By the way, even before using a conventional optical leveling subjected to three inspections: the main condition (at the level of the pipe), the circular level, horizontal network of threads.In addition, the level frequently checked and vertical strands network layout leveling with the level at the pipe.

also important factors to consider are price-level division under the pipe and the multiplicity of the pipe itself.Thus suitability is determined.Learn before you enjoy leveling, video on our website, it shows in the details described checks before starting work.

Well, and the work itself may be carried out not only optical, but laser and water levels.More telling for each type, how to deal with leveling, videos on laser, optical, water, digital modes of the device.