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August 12, 2017 18:08

Ladder with their hands - control reliability

Homemade stepladder - for what contrive such a job?Stepladder

Unlike a ladder, which does not require any external support and may be independently installed in the open space on all sides.Structurally, it is a staircase with wide steps and flip support part.Upon completion, it is formed into a module, easy to store and transport.

And additional accessories such as the legs and handrails, mostly are only equipped with homemade ladders, stepladders.However, before you make a ladder with your hands, you should become familiar with several of its species.Classical kind of looks like two ladders movably fastened between the upper part, it is a two-way ladder climbing.

The more familiar version of one of the ladders devoid of steps and is only a support.It is this self-made ladder is most often found.

Homemade ladder - choose the model for manufacturing

Universal types are used and how ladders, and direct his destiny.Structurally, they may be formed in the folding and telescopic form.Universal variant consists of several sections with different numbers of stages.In the telescopic embodiment they advance from one another, in a clamshell-like going to the constructor, and are quite suitable when considering how to make the stepladder itself.

Ladders transformers are foldable design that can fold out if necessary and as a ladder, and as construction scaffolding. Talking about how stepladder with your hands can be done, first of all to bear in mind this option is the most convenient to use.And in this case, a ladder is equipped with a console.The assembled transformers are compact and can easily fit in the closet and trunk of a car.

Patriotic industry produces stairs, ladders made of wood and metal, there are also combined variants.However, their appearance, weight and performance in the first days of work force to reflect on how to make the ladder itself.And it is quite understandable reasons, which is chosen as the material tree.

Ladder with their hands - begin to create

Let's you and me briefly touch on how to make a wooden ladder.And look at an example of classic ladder-way ascent as simple to manufacture.

First of all, you need to stock up melkozubnoy hacksaw, a square, a chisel, a pencil and a tape measure.You will also need a drill, drill wood diameter 5 and 12 mm, hammer and sandpaper.Needed to be self-tapping screws, bolts, nuts and washers.The beams and posts made of pine timber 40h70 mm.It should be flat and not have knots.

ladder itself consists of two parts: the ladder and the support, which is movably connected to the hinges, made of washers and bolts.The beams are attached to the uprights with screws.Before mounting on the bar made gashes on 30 mm, and the grooves are cut on the racks of 20 mm.

backup to stiffen the sealed beams "overlap", each of which is fastened to the rack by at least two screws 65 mm in length.All manufactured parts are sanded with sandpaper, then primed and painted with linseed oil.After drying ladder and a support frame bolted limiting circuit are mounted on brackets.