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August 12, 2017 18:07

Pneumopistol sealant - a dangerous weapon in the fight with the imperfection of the joints

Air Pistol - working principle

usually good or professional pneumatic gun sealant has pressure regulator, which operates on a "relief valve", it allows the air supply immediately after pressing the trigger.Pneumatic applicator - a professional tool designed for precise application of silicones and sealants.It is used as follows:

  • with a nut connected the air supply line to the exhaust pipe of the applicator;
  • made a hole in the hermetic package, and the cartridge is screwed onto the nozzle of the gun;
  • removed the bottom, if the product is packed in a tube, is placed in the applicator and firmly puts the valve;
  • when you press the trigger pressure is supplied into the air, which then pushes the product out of the applicator.

What should not be overlooked when using?If

weaken trigger stops the product feed and the air will exit from the rear side of the applicator, via an automatic discharge valve.If something does not work, you probably should replace the defective diaphragm outlet valve.

The air supply line that was connected to the gun, the pressure must not be more than ten bar.Do not forget to disconnect the air line before the applicator is removed.

To be able to easily ensure the availability of this tool, it must be completely free of silicone residues after application, to do this, use a solvent that is recommended by the manufacturer (self gun into the solvent should not be submerged).

If there is a problem with the exhaust valve, it is necessary to change the aperture quick exhaust valve as it is written in the instructions.Usually aperture change after using approximately two thousand tapes.During operation, the front cap should always carries his tightly. Wear safety glasses when working with any pneumatic means .

electrical and battery guns

Cordless gun sealant often has a very high level of supply, working with cartridges or filmy packages can easily switch from one type of sealant to another.More often it runs on a lithium-ion units and provides high accuracy in the work, with the ability to regulate the supply and the purity by giving protection against leakage.Upon completion of the work product of the gun does not flow, does not create unnecessary droplets, because the piston is returned immediately.

Electric gun for sealant greatly simplifies the job of filling voids and sealing.Due to the speed controller, you will be very convenient to adjust the desired flow of the sealant in the work.To use the AC power supply network with a voltage of 220 V and a frequency of about 50 Hz.

The choice is made in favor of any of the proposed gun clearly impossible simply because they perfectly perform their duties.The main difference lies in the principles of nutrition, which means that if the work is to be at the site where the power supply fail hard, the choice falls on pneumatics and gun battery.If the network is available, and you will not be burdened with wires extending to the gun, the electric version is also nice to you, at least you can call him the most awkward.

When working with any kind of sealant gun is important to remember about safety and precautions.Use safety goggles and other protective equipment such as gloves or a special working clothes.The heated or melted sealant can be dangerous, be careful.