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August 12, 2017 18:08

The cart platform - universal means transportation of goods

Platform truck which type will suit you?

Miscellaneous cargo size force us to come up with these or other ways to travel, especially for massive objects that suggest a call to a crane.However, a common platform trolley, folding or welded, as well as winch can work wonders.For example, how to move a shed new grinding machine is quite heavy, delivered to the gate of your farmstead in a passing car, and discharged your joint efforts, a neighbor and a driver?

Take trolley on two wheels, dip its far edge of the platform to the ground, attach a winch handle, clings to her rope machine, running, waiting, when the goods will be pulled up to the platform, turn off the winch and put the platform horizontally.All object can carry anywhere, and from the cable can not disengage, let it be some insurance.Even better, if you have a platform truck with a lifting platform, if any at all, you will not know the troubles in the process of farming.

Hand trucks, platform - which can be variants?

Let's define what needs to truck you may need.In the construction and repair work - this is the carriage of bags and cans of paint, but as a rule, at a time more than one bag and a pair of tanks with water-based caramel spend tricky, so you will have enough and a small two-wheeled platform at 250 pounds.

If you - the owner of a large farm, and you have to make hay stacks, and fruits from the garden to export accounts for almost a ton, need a big truck cargo platform with 3-4 wheels coated with a porous rubber, calculated per 1000 kilograms.For handcarts inflatable wheels - not the best option, they tend to lower the air at the most inopportune moment.

When it comes to large stock, whether in farming or trade, will be invaluable assistance to the hydraulic lift, better self-propelled, ideally with a platform for standing driver.

This kind of platform trolley characteristic which provides a considerable margin, may have an electric motor or internal combustion engine on diesel or gas fuel.The first option is particularly valuable for use in warehouses, the second - in the open air only because of emissions, and the third is quite acceptable under all conditions and is considered environmentally friendly.

Hand trucks, platform - all for your convenience

Sometimes it is difficult to provide that will have to carry - compact bags, bundle of firewood or the whole log.In the first two cases, the goods will not be completely in your way, the third option would mean some inconvenience if the trolley handle perpendicular to the platform, that is vertical, and the beam laid along the heavily sticks back and makes you stumble.

testing relative ease when working with a cart you only if the handle is positioned at an angle of 45 degrees to platform.Even better, if the handle rod to be used, freely changing the position from vertical to horizontal and back, this design allows for necessary and pull and push carts, platform hand.

As for the convenience of the means of movement of goods, it is the variety of options makes it difficult to choose from.For example, the same containers must be carried in the same position, preferably nearly vertical, but a specialized truck is not suitable for other types of cargo, except that the bag can be transported in the same way, and that one.

And if you need to transport the harvest of potatoes, seedlings for flowers or plaster solution in the tank?Here exist for this platform with reinforced trolley function transformer.They can shape and change the horizontal position on the semi-erect and strictly vertical, and are suitable for any purpose.