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August 12, 2017 18:07

What better puncher - analysis of the issue of "A" to "Z"

purpose and function

The name of the tool received from the Latin word «perforo», which translates as "punch."The operating principle of the perforator is strong and fast strokes, which are applied to the treated surface.Used machine for making holes in concrete, reinforced concrete and brick during construction or repair.

In addition, some models can be used as a simple drills for different materials or as a small jackhammer for cutting niches cleavage tiles shtrobleniya channels in the wall, and so on.Their features are one-, two- and three-mode.Single-Mode unit performs only one function - to rotate and strike.Dual-mode

drills combine the first function and the ability to make the rotation without impact or kick without rotation.Tri-mode tool - the most functional and has a rotation function without impact, with the impact and chiselling.Determine which is the best punch of the three species should focus on its scope.After all, the best the tool that is most suitable for the work required.

Tip!If the financial capability allows, it is best to choose the most functional tool because it can be used for a wider range of work.


Basic specifications Punch include the following characteristics: engine power, drilling diameter, weight, impact frequency, impact energy.

Engine power drills range from 250 to 1500 watts.The most popular are the tools with the power of 500-800 Watts.This is enough power for a variety of jobs at home.Impact energy - is one of the most important indicators of the device.From the force of the impact it depends on what kind of strength you can ruin the material.Another important indicator is the diameter of the drill.It depends on the nozzle.Crown holes allows three times more than when using the drill.

Note!Drilling diameter depends on the type of punch.

chuck rotational speed for all instruments are approximately the same and does not exceed 1,000 rpm.The lighter the machine, the speed of rotation more.Thus, light can reach perforators speed of 1000 revolutions per minute.Heavy have the same speed for about 100-200 rpm.Strokes also depends on the class of the perforator.Another feature - a tool weight, which directly affects the ability of the operator to work for a long time.Weight is from 2 to 12 kilograms.

What better puncher - is determined by weight

drills Classification is determined by the drive type, weight, and power, and purpose of the cartridge type.By type of drive they are divided into electric, pneumatic and petrol.The best of them is an electric tool, so it is the most common.Cordless phones are highly mobile and not tied to a specific operator's seat.However, at sites with high fire danger using pneumatic drills.

By appointment drills are divided into amateur (domestic) and professional.For household tools are lighter models, and medium and heavy are considered to have a professional tool.Now let's see what are the drills depending on the weight:

  • Light - the tools weighing up to 4 kilograms and a power of 400-700 Watts.About 80% of devices belongs to this class;
  • middle class - their weight is in the range of 5 to 8 kg.Power already is 1200 watts, which makes it popular among professional workers;
  • Heavy class - the weight of hammers starts from 8 kg, and power - within 1500 watts.This unit is used exclusively for professional work.

Note!The best punches considered middle class, as they are able to carry out a professional task, and used for household repair.