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August 12, 2017 18:08

Pin forest - reliability at high altitude

Pin forests - the main purpose of

Scope of this type of construction - finishing and repair the facades of buildings of different heights.Installed properly, pin the forest greatly facilitate the process of finishing plaster facades of the painting works, removal of large defects on the walls of buildings.If desired, you can order a design suitable for use with buildings, which reach heights of 100 meters!In addition, these forests are widely used in the device of stone or brick in the construction of mid-rise home.

high degree of structural strength allows you to place a fairly heavy equipment on it.

Mount Forest to the walls by means of special "traffic jams", as they are based on so-called "shoes".In favor metal posts and beams, that lay on the wooden boards to facilitate the weight of the structure as the basic structural elements.Thus, the pin Scaffold - a space-tier system for the installation of a pipe following elements are used: bars and crossbars, which are connected with hooks and plugs, additional cross, diagonal and longitudinal links connecting clamps.

Scaffolding Pin - acquainted with structural elements

Knowledge of the list and the destination of the basic design elements of this type of forest is important.It allows you to properly assess the degree of design security and timely repair it if necessary.So, are the main pillar supporting members.They are installed on special "shoes" (support transferring the load to the ground) and connected to each other bolts, which are provided on the surface of the rack bushing.Cross-bars are mounted by fitting the available pins in the plugs holes.

After the final installation of crossbars of the structure to provide a high degree of strength and rigidity in the horizontal plane.

As already mentioned, forests are attached to the walls with the help of "traffic jams".For this pre-run hole walls where lays the "plug", and then firmly screwed by means of the existing hook at the end.As an additional fastening is used the cross, one end of which is attached to the "traffic jam", and the other with clamps - to the uprights.Links (diagonal and longitudinal) perform the function element, which imparts additional rigidity.In addition, workers tiers, they function as a handrail.To move from one forest to another tier uses a metal ladder.

Benefits forests pin

important advantage that distinguishes scaffolding pin, is the possibility of combining them with the Chomutov Forest.This results in the most reliable design, which allows to work with the most complex and unusual facades of buildings.Pin Scaffold is quite difficult to make, but in the installation, operation and maintenance, they are quite simple. To enhance the security level when working with scaffolding construction of grounding can be carried out, the installation of a lightning rod installation or safety net.

If necessary scaffolding frame scheme can vary quite widely.This will allow to take into account all the design features of the building.Pin Scaffold resistant to a variety of weather conditions, whether it is rain, wind, snow or hail.Moreover, their assembly is carried out directly on the building site can also be carried out in almost any weather.Possibility of fast installation and dismantling design makes it easy to transport it to a new object.