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August 12, 2017 18:08

When available crane used compact winch !

Which drive should be compact winch?

simplest device to lift on the second floor of a bucket with a solution - a bar attached to it and block the rope thrown over the latter.But lift heavier loads in this way is difficult, and if no block system, and even impossible.So it makes sense to consider various options, among which is of some interest compact winch, which is used by high-altitude climbers.

Every once saw a small swing in the wind-suspended cradle seat, which sit as on a chair, people involved caulking cracks, welding or other urgent work.Such auxiliary winch is usually electrical since the rise of organized and descent through the installer operator muscular strength - this means to allocate a special man who was standing near the elevator.

However, most instructions with electric winches stated that raise people is strictly forbidden.How to be?Firstly, it relates to automotive tooling, because for pulling vehicles need horizontal cable positioning.Therefore, you can use any tackles, which are designed for vertical thrust.

Portable Winch - you need to know?

first and main question which arises in the majority of the owners of suburban areas, concerns hoist fasteners.It may well happen that the need to raise the attic load more than 500 kilograms, and if the burst cable - it's not so bad, but if you fall through a portable winch assembly, especially with a manual lever drive, accidents can happen.Perhaps it?It is.

removable winch, whether lever or worm gear (gate principle), attached to any surface with the hook, for which you can prepare in advance a powerful ring or bracket mounted in concrete or wooden beams.Some overall hoist mounted on the prepared ground bolts, and these include electric, but this option can already be considered stationary.

to quickly dismantle winch is best to fix it in a special outrigger, which in turn can be fixed as the bolts to the bottom and straps to the pre-arranged mast.

So what winch to choose?If you have access to electricity, choose an electric motor, the dignity of such a hoist - a remote control and a smooth reverse.In manual lever and screw lifts reverse downhill with the load or is not provided due to the ratchet, the locking reverse or difficult and requires some more effort than lifting.Hydraulic winches are generally too expensive overall, and to use them in a rustic farm or during construction.

construction winches - safety

Tali two basic elements, the reliability of which you have no doubt - namely, the shaft and the rope (or chain).Choosing lever hoist building, make sure that the shaft is free from defects, gears - serviceable, and rope - chrome.If the metal cable or chain is not resistant to corrosion, oil lubricated useless, eventually rust still take their toll.The more that get dirty all around the cable creates a lot of inconvenience.

But now, finally, you have acquired a suitable mechanism, and are ready to begin its testing. No matter it is hand winch or electric units with remote control, never stand underneath, if the goods need to be lifted up .Fallen cargo burst cable - options for the appearance of injuries (sometimes incompatible with life) set.

Therefore, if you purchased suspended winch, use it, while above it, it is there where the load must be raised.All the more so with a manual mechanism otherwise does not work, if you do not use blocks.Besides, they can be placed differently, namely by passing the cable through the winch suspended from the lower block and then through the upper set in line with the lifting device.