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August 12, 2017 18:08

Cutting jigsaw - doing the work of the right

device features jigsaw and its components

Among the many ways of decorating wood products an important place belongs to the thread.Over time, a simple application to the surface of the wood serif and dots evolved into an art form with numerous varieties of performance.Although in reality the experts say about the three main types of work with wood: flat carving, relief and wood sculpture.And each of the three species are distinguished by five or more.And a special tool is required for each.

most widely used hand-held jigsaws.But there are also electric, equipped with a special operating table and the upper spring mount nail files.Figure sawing fret hand is still more common.Tool Box on the free ends of a screw clamp holders nail files.Round wooden handle is reinforced by the lower grip, jigsaws in quality above the upper clamp has a special tensioning screw.If the frame is a jigsaw of wood, such a screw is required.

Poor stretched nail file does not allow a jigsaw to cut quality and fast saw blade breaks.A separate article, affecting the quality of work, go nail files for jigsaw.These narrow and thin steel strip with teeth on one side can be ten sizes (numbers).Rooms are thick fabric, the size of cloves.The smaller their size, the finer can make sawing.Their length ranges from eleven to thirteen centimeters.

Cooking tools and workplace

Proper sawing jigsaw possible with taut nail files, fixed screw terminals.Properly inserted nail file has the direction of the teeth forward and down.This is easily checked by touching fingers.In the process, except for the jigsaw need an awl, a small drill (best hand) with a set of drill bits, sharp awl with wooden handle, a set of needle files and abrasive (emery) skin pencil.To move the selected pattern to the wood will suit a special transfer paper.

The most common carvings Scrollsaw jigsaw plywood (as multi-layered wood) or thin plates.For convenience, in addition to the above listed tool, you will need a set of (3-4 pcs.) Strubtsinok, working table "dovetail" of tablets centimeter thick hardwood.Oblique knife-cutter, direct and semicircular chisels help to more accurately handle the subtle elements.

Workplace Preparation before working a jigsaw, is to mount the two clamps of the rectangular table "dovetail" to the edge of the table top desk or workbench. This work cut-out of the "tail" hangs over the edge of the countertop and facing out.To this can be fixed (as clamps) harvesting with a history of drawing.Activities held in the recess of the "tail", jigsaw moves up and down.Nail file located vertically.

Learning how to cut jigsaw

So, you need to know how to cut a jigsaw.If the preliminary recommendations made by the installation Nail File, then sawing it only when moving down.In this phase, you need to press slightly forward, propelling her drawing lines.It is important to monitor the verticality nail files motion to prevent the slopes.

important point, showing how to work a jigsaw, skill is turning blank and not a jigsaw.This is an important feature, and it must be strictly observed.The steeper the turns of the pattern line, the slower and more cautious you need to make cut.

Separately should be told how to use a jigsaw if you need to carry out cutting internal closed circuits.In the presence of such work on the carving begins with these circuits.To do this inside their edge, closer to the contour line, is a through hole, the edge of which must not protrude beyond the cut out by the circuit.For thin plywood, you can use an awl to thick plywood and solid wood plank is best to use a drill and drill the required diameter.

One end of the nail file is released from the clamp, threaded it into the hole and clamped again, providing the desired tension.During the implementation of this technique, be careful not to break the web.At the end of the contour cutting nail file is released, it made a new hole in the new circuit, repeated threading and fastening.Held cut.

only after all the internal circuits are cut, you can proceed to the excision of the external circuit.The entire process is well illustrated by the numerous online videos, sawing jigsaw remains a popular hobby for many people.In conclusion, we recall that in the process do not get too carried away and avoid strong heating nail files.This leads to rapid failure.You should periodically cool the working canvas.